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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 37: Deranged sucker-punch 
30th-Nov-2011 01:04 pm
This week on my Twitter feed I seem to be continuing where I left off last week and grumbling about people on public transport.

I may have just seen the most attractive man alive on the Jubilee Line. He looked stroppy though. Maybe 'cause I was staring at his arms.
7:37 PM 23 Nov via txt

@Barcles at least I didn't take a photo, as The Internet would have me do.
7:49 PM 23 Nov via txt

That's it, 4 old women, refusing to budge from the entrance of a bus you don't want to get on so a big queue can't get on would be AWESOME.
10:23 PM 23 Nov via trill

I'm not sure if next year's BBC History cycle is a real thing, or just a casting director's wet dream: http://tinyurl.com/cy7az2e
1:49 PM 24 Nov via web

Though I don't know if EVEN SRB can top Allam as my favourite Falstaff.
1:50 PM 24 Nov via web

I *may* have just Sleb Spotted Daniel Boys + b/f in Sainsburys car park. If he's been on the pies, wears a cap & drives an Audi.
6:11 PM 24 Nov via trill

@Barcles They were loading the car's trunk, not... each other's, if that's what you were thinking.
6:48 PM 24 Nov via trill

Only the Daily Mail would unironically hold up Miss Trunchbull as a model headmistress.
12:11 PM 25 Nov via TweetDeck

@3rdspearcarrier that's what makes it, it's like he's trying to make you forget it's the Mail before the final deranged sucker-punch.
12:21 PM 25 Nov via txt

Couldn't they find someone who at least has a vague idea what Miss Piggy is meant to sound like? #xfactor
8:09 PM 27 Nov via TweetDeck

No Kelly they can't be *so* unique, they either are or they aren't. And they aren't. #xfactor
8:12 PM 27 Nov via TweetDeck

"My girls shut the building down." Salmonella scare, or what? #xfactor
8:15 PM 27 Nov via TweetDeck

Put your bloody vest on, woman. #xfactor
8:16 PM 27 Nov via TweetDeck

Jessie J has had a JOURNEY! No wonder they like her on this show. #xfactor
8:18 PM 27 Nov via TweetDeck

@stevenperkins Only insults belong on live TV. Apologies for insults should be kept quietly backstage, obvs. #xfactor
8:51 PM 27 Nov via TweetDeck

@MrAlFox I'd still prefer to see Little Mix's backing vocalists win than Amelia BARK BARK BARK Lily. #xfactor
9:02 PM 27 Nov via TweetDeck

#misfits is really getting through the theatrical totty; Nick Blood this week.
11:18 PM 27 Nov via TweetDeck

@3rdspearcarrier All of them I'm afraid, just like the shamefully fully-clothed Michael Marcus the other week. #misfits
11:20 PM 27 Nov via TweetDeck

@3rdspearcarrier Oh hang on, I tell a lie - he did briefly get his tits out.
11:23 PM 27 Nov via TweetDeck

Some people shouldn't wear leggings. If they make you look like you have three buttocks, you are one of these people.
11:13 AM 28 Nov via trill

1990s Sleb Spot: Philip Franks, St Martins Lane.
6:39 PM 28 Nov via trill

Fucked yet again, Livejournal? When am I supposed to be able to post my #xfactor review then?
1:06 PM 29 Nov via web

What on earth is anyone laughing at? Admittedly they're not laughing that enthusiastically #intervaltweets
8:25 PM 29 Nov via trill
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