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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 38: Half opera, half Vienetta 
7th-Dec-2011 01:14 pm
This week on my Twitter feed, I try to figure out what the hell Pippin is supposed to be, and take steps towards ending this LiveJournal and moving my blog elsewhere.

It may not be the coldest November ever, but you can't tell in Arcola 1, it could safely be used as a fridge #intervaltweets
8:45 PM 30 Nov via TwimGo 2

Yes, a CaffÉ Nero doorway! What a perfect place to stand texting, sir. Oh, don't budge when all those people try to excuse themselves.
6:44 PM 1 Dec via txt

Oh, apparently it's not an opera, it's an operetta. Half opera, half Vienetta.
7:15 PM 1 Dec via TwimGo 2

I don't know much about opera. Is it always basically just panto? #intervaltweets
9:00 PM 1 Dec via txt

@EdibleDormouse I may struggle when it comes to the singalong bit then.
9:06 PM 1 Dec via txt

Gary Barlow "not particularly enjoying doing #xfactor." Is that why he's determined the audience shouldn't either?
8:25 AM 2 Dec via trill

Landline Enthusiast Spot: Kris Marshall, Bankside.
7:19 PM 2 Dec via txt

Sleb Spot: @wossy + family at the Menier.
8:00 PM 2 Dec via txt

Is "Tron meets Starlight Express" really the epitome of the 21st Century? #intervaltweets
9:25 PM 2 Dec via trill

Also, given their outfits, I hereby christen the backing dancers The Cameltoes. #intervaltweets
9:26 PM 2 Dec via trill

Christ, this carriage contains the entire rail network's quota of fitey nutters. Ears actually ringing from the shouting.
11:02 PM 2 Dec via trill

An hour and a half to write a review? Always a sign that the show was... memorable, in one way or another.
12:59 AM 3 Dec via TweetDeck

I'm sure Sainsbury's moves the Brita filters daily as a lateral thinking puzzle. Today they're with the bottled water.
2:10 PM 3 Dec via txt

What on earth was that mess? #xfactor
8:53 PM 3 Dec via TweetDeck

I will be hearing the Donmar Warehouse hold music in my nightmares for the next week.
9:29 AM 4 Dec via trill

"Handsome devil." I am willing to concede that he's the devil. #xfactor
8:06 PM 4 Dec via TweetDeck

"Last night the acts took on two songs each. And the songs won." #xfactor
8:11 PM 4 Dec via TweetDeck

8:16 PM 4 Dec via TweetDeck

"We got Bieber back by promising that Blond Erection wouldn't be here to try and sniff his bottom again this time." #xfactor
8:18 PM 4 Dec via TweetDeck

"I should be playing in the winter snow." Indeed, as you are eight years old. #xfactor
8:23 PM 4 Dec via TweetDeck

Between the mike and the collar I can't see Bieber's face. Thank you, stylists. #xfactor
8:24 PM 4 Dec via TweetDeck

"It's great to have you with us. SOMEONE had to make our acts look good!" #xfactor
8:26 PM 4 Dec via TweetDeck

Wait, Channel 4 shows advertised on ITV? Is it the '80s? #adsofthexfactor
8:30 PM 4 Dec via TweetDeck

"We've adopted her as one of ours. Until next year when we take her back and exchange her for Nicole Shitsinger." #xfactor
8:33 PM 4 Dec via TweetDeck

"Go on holiday with JLS! Because at least they're not Olly Murs!" #xfactor
8:51 PM 4 Dec via TweetDeck

A bit late to be crying now, CONTOSTAVLOU. Maybe they're tears of guilt. Oh wait, she'd have to have human emotions. #xfactor
8:56 PM 4 Dec via TweetDeck

YOU can't believe it? I've had to fucking listen to you. #xfactor
8:58 PM 4 Dec via TweetDeck

How many accents can Spare History Boy do in the course of a sentence? #thatcharliebrookerthing
9:43 PM 4 Dec via txt

"DO YOUR DUTY FOR GARY AND BRITAIN!" For a moment there I thought the Daily Mail were endorsing Marcus #xfactor
1:16 PM 5 Dec via txt

Sleb Spot: Dara O'Briain in the Lyttelton bar.
9:04 PM 5 Dec via txt

There's a French woman behind me. Her laugh ACTUALLY goes "ho-hi-ho-hi-haw" and her boyfriend is alternating belching & coughing on me.
10:38 PM 5 Dec via txt

@Weez @3rdspearcarrier My Juno review isn't ready yet but it WILL include the phrase "all the subtlety of a Riverdancing leprechaun."
12:06 AM 6 Dec via TweetDeck

Ooh, I got "bad if turned upside down" after 2 clues, and "blaxploitation." Not that bad for a final. #onlyconnect
1:28 PM 6 Dec via txt

How can LiveJournal be too fucked to load (again) but work enough for spammers to still leave comments?
2:18 PM 6 Dec via TweetDeck

@Weez Been thinking I might set up a Blogspot, and change over to it for the new year.
2:23 PM 6 Dec via TweetDeck

Swainsbury? Balls, looks like I'm going to Stratford in February after all.
2:35 PM 6 Dec via TweetDeck

So from January, my blog'll be moving here: http://nick730.blogspot.com
3:23 PM 6 Dec via Tweet Button

*hrrrnk* more Richard II production photos http://bit.ly/uN3Bf4
3:35 PM 6 Dec via TweetDeck

Oh right, so when people said the seating for this show was weird, they meant it.
7:29 PM 6 Dec via trill
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