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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Last shite of the proms 
10th-Dec-2011 12:55 pm
Today I'm off to see two shows in the same venue; my unconscious obviously remembered this and gave me a theatrical dream based around that idea last night. The venue didn't seem to be inspired by any real theatres I've ever been to, it was an outdoor promenade performance in what might have been the courtyard of a crumbling castle. Not long into the show I realised this wasn't going to be one that I liked much, but soon afterwards the show was suddenly interrupted when a car crashed through the walls, and it was announced there was a bomb scare in a nearby postbox. Most of the audience evacuated the area rather casually, some of them, including me, not even bothering to leave and just wandering around the courtyard. I finally followed the crowd when I started talking to someone; it transpired I'd been to University with him but had only the vaguest recollection of his existence¹. We walked slowly away as he started slagging off Josie Rourke for some reason, just as the scare was proved to be a false alarm and everyone came back for the rest of the show. It ended with a large CGI effect² which was impressive but didn't salvage the rubbish show, and I realised that because of the delay I wouldn't have time to get a coffee before the second show, which annoyed me.

¹I've long suspected this is how anyone else on my course would view me

²yes, I know it was theatre, not a film. But by the same token may I counter that it was a dream, not actual theatre.
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