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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 39: Festive littering! 
14th-Dec-2011 02:10 pm
This week on my Twitter feed The X Factor finally groans to a halt, I change my mind about what I'm going to be using my new blog for, and have conflicting feelings about bus drivers.

So, it seems to be just a tad windy. I swear I can feel the building shaking.
1:40 PM 7 Dec via web

The set's upstaging the cast, although not in a bad way #intervaltweets
9:04 PM 8 Dec via txt

Kate Fleetwood Alert: http://bit.ly/vMYDdl
4:25 PM 9 Dec via TweetDeck

Heh. A Priscilla actor in full drag having a fag outside the stage door before the show.
7:33 PM 9 Dec via txt

I'm missing the #xfactor final but don't worry about my lowcultural credentials: I'm seeing a play featuring Professional Orphan Terri Dwyer
11:50 AM 10 Dec via TweetDeck

@merseytart Now if she can just REPRESENT WIMMINZ EVERYWHERE while she's at it I'll be sorted.
12:09 PM 10 Dec via TweetDeck

@D_Hollingsworth Sounds like an old lady? Your dignity may still be at risk, is it Matt Cardle?
1:10 PM 10 Dec via TweetDeck

Someone's left a sprout on a tube seat. A SPROUT. Festive littering!
2:29 PM 10 Dec via txt

Whoever managed to get an RSCesque thrust into the Finborough is some kind of evil genius.
2:49 PM 10 Dec via TwimGo 2

That was good. I wonder what it was about. #straightthroughnointervaltweets
4:51 PM 10 Dec via txt

"Everyone is good. Everything is fine. Soon this will be over." #xfactor
9:41 PM 10 Dec via TweetDeck

What's the point of the bus countdown screen if the bus it's showing turns out to be Not In Service?
1:26 PM 11 Dec via trill

Bus drivers really do come in every shade of cunt.
6:40 PM 11 Dec via trill

"A straight contest" between Marcus and Oatibix? Well that's not fair, Marcus can't win a contest in being straight. #xfactor
7:33 PM 11 Dec via TweetDeck

Oh, the Yeo Valley farmers are back. Gary Amers was the campest Banquo I've ever seen. #adsofthexfactor
7:45 PM 11 Dec via TweetDeck

Christmas songs! Little Mix to sing "Fairytale of New York" at each other plz, while still insisting they're best friends #xfactor
8:08 PM 11 Dec via TweetDeck

"What have you enjoyed the most this series, Kelly?" "The free bar!" #xfactor
8:25 PM 11 Dec via TweetDeck

They have a last chance to convince us they SHOULDN'T win? Has Dermot been drinking from Kelly's sippy cup? #xfactor
8:31 PM 11 Dec via TweetDeck

So now I'm thinking, should I make the new blog just a theatre blog, and keep the LJ one for the occasional personal post, telly etc?
1:21 PM 12 Dec via TweetDeck

An added bonus would be I can rename the new blog "Peeping and Sneaking" in honour of a certain commenter.
1:25 PM 12 Dec via TweetDeck

@TheatreFan82 Yeah since theatre is the majority of it I think it makes sense to have a specialized blog for it; other stuff doesn't...
1:39 PM 12 Dec via TweetDeck

@TheatreFan82 ...matter so much if I have to wait for LJ to come back to life before I post.
1:39 PM 12 Dec via TweetDeck

@TheatreFan82 It's kind of an obvious progression since it WAS a personal blog with the odd theatre post, but they've become the focus.
1:45 PM 12 Dec via TweetDeck

Also, do we think Peeping and Sneaking works as a title for people who don't know the context? Or will it just look weird?
1:50 PM 12 Dec via TweetDeck

@TheatreFan82 It'll come down to the eternal question: Can i think of a marginally less shit alternative? If not, it stays.
1:54 PM 12 Dec via TweetDeck

So it's now "Theatre-type blog, name pending." It may well stay that way but at least I've got a couple of weeks to get ideas.
2:03 PM 12 Dec via TweetDeck

Slogging through recapping the #xfactor final, the only thing keeping me going is watching Kelly and Tulisa get steadily more drunk.
3:08 PM 12 Dec via TweetDeck

Are bus drivers allowed to be that hot? It's confusing me.
10:48 AM 13 Dec via trill

Most half-hearted attempt to be "controversial" I've seen. #straightthroughnointervaltweets
9:01 PM 13 Dec via trill
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