nick730 (nick730) wrote,

DVD non-review: Green Street

There's not much proper review to do of Green Street (Elijah Wood joins London football "Firm," finds out he quite likes beating people up) to be honest; I didn't expect much of it, and that's what I got. I mainly rented it 'cause it was filmed round here and I wanted to see the shot I saw filmed. (About 28minutes in; Elijah walking straight to camera just after leaving his first footie match; funnily enough walking right past an Eternal Sunshine poster with his face on it, but the camera just about manages to cut that out. He's very pretty and very little in person.)

I'm not even posting about the surprising fact of just how much EW's chav makeover suits him. No, it's about his co-star, and it's a question that comes to me every time I see him on screen. Why can't Charlie Hunnam do any kind of English accent? He's English for fuck's sake! The man makes Renee Zellweiger look competent!

Oh well... Vague Spoiler Alert!
In the end ickle 'lijah finds out that violence is not the answer.
No, the threat of violence will do. I'm not sure what kind of message that is for "the kids."
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