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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Hood on, everything else off 
16th-Dec-2011 02:52 pm
On the rare occasions when I remember to do a "something to look at on a Friday" post lately, they tend to be quite Harry Judd-centric. But it's not my fault if he keeps stripping to his pants for Attitude, is it? He's done it again, but before we get to that here's a shot of Iwan Rheon that's got me looking forward to next week's Misfits finale - yes even wearing clothes (which he's been doing way too much of this series) he's not that hard to look at:

Now for the much more sensibly-dressed for December Mr Judd, first on the cover:

...and then in one of the less-shy photos from inside the magazine:

So there we are. Happy weekend, humans.
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