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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 40: "farts, fucking and fisticuffs" 
21st-Dec-2011 01:51 pm
This week on my Twitter feed it's been a bit quieter with (mercifully) no X Factor so instead I've mainly been trying to come up with a name for my new theatre reviews blog (I settled on Partially Obstructed View.)

I think @LyricHammer might have trouble shifting these tickets by the time they put them on sale. http://twitpic.com/7t606p
1:19 PM 14 Dec via Twitpic

I like when someone brings their little dog onto the bus. Less so when the dog farts.
4:12 PM 14 Dec via trill

Eeeeee! Sleb Spot: Sophie Thompson, Caffé Nero on Waterloo Bridge.
6:25 PM 14 Dec via txt

Richard Blackwood: Britain's Least Famous Man ((c) Viz) #intervaltweets
8:50 PM 14 Dec via txt

My current idea for a name for the new blog is THE VIEW FROM BEHIND A PILLAR. Thoughts?
4:33 PM 15 Dec via web

@Weez "A bit long" is my worry too. A View From The Pillar sounds weird to me, as if I'm actually sitting in it.
4:43 PM 15 Dec via TweetDeck

@helencairns Restricted View says the same thing in less words, which is good. But my first instinct is that it suggests subjectivity.
4:44 PM 15 Dec via TweetDeck

@Weez Oh dear, we don't want cleverness in the title - it'll raise inaccurate expectations ;)
4:47 PM 15 Dec via TweetDeck

@Weez Seated Behind A Pillar?
4:48 PM 15 Dec via TweetDeck

How about PARTIALLY OBSTRUCTED VIEW? Does it have less of a suggestion of bias? #namemynewblog
5:49 PM 15 Dec via trill

@3rdspearcarrier That feels to me like it implies bias. If The View From Behind A Pillar wasn't so clunky I'd be totally happy with it.
6:21 PM 15 Dec via trill

@3rdspearcarrier of course Unrestricted View might work in a different way.
6:25 PM 15 Dec via trill

@Weez @3rdspearcarrier this is the minefield I'm in.
6:43 PM 15 Dec via trill

I think I've found that famous potato place! The shop, not a theatre showing an Irish play.
6:44 PM 15 Dec via trill

I'm assuming Bushy/Green slashfic is now a thing #intervaltweets
8:38 PM 15 Dec via txt

Theatre review: The Canterbury Tales http://nick730.livejournal.com/631260.html
11:27 PM 16 Dec via Tweet Button

That last review includes the phrase "farts, fucking and fisticuffs." I think they should quote me in their publicity.
11:28 PM 16 Dec via TweetDeck

How about a laboured "thesp" pun? Thesptacular? Thespival of Britain? I know there's a good 1 out there, I just can't find it #namemynewblog
1:55 PM 18 Dec via web

Hmmm, neither partiallyobstructed nor partiallyobstructedview are available, maybe I'll just change the name not the URL #namemynewblog
2:13 PM 18 Dec via TweetDeck

Oh, another round of Artistic Director Musical Chairs: Dominic Cooke this time.
1:28 PM 19 Dec via TweetDeck

Self-extinguishing candles? WITCHCRAFT!!! #intervaltweets
8:31 PM 19 Dec via txt

Jesus, this much traffic for Russell Howard at the O2? Guess a lot of people enjoy hearing the word "genuinely" spoken repeatedly.
10:51 PM 19 Dec via txt

No, launderette lady, I do not want to talk about Jesus.
10:39 AM 20 Dec via trill

@kerrymctweety Well I'm not buying him a present. He's only famous 'cause of his dad anyway.
11:30 AM 20 Dec via TweetDeck

Girls at back of bus discussing whether they'd rather get raped or stabbed. Stabbed is winning.
5:47 PM 20 Dec via trill

Seeing Dublin Potato tonight. Next week, Potatoes In His Pockets. #goingtorunthisoneintotheground
7:38 PM 20 Dec via txt
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