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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 41: #shutupfearnecotton 
28th-Dec-2011 02:27 pm
Everything's gone a bit quiet on Twitter this week - something to do with Christmas or something. So my feed's mainly been the odd comment about XmasTM TV. (Yes it was rubbish. Is it ever not?)

We've all known for years that a remote control with a sim card (to ring when you lose it) needs to be invented. WHY ARE WE STILL WAITING?
3:02 PM 21 Dec via TweetDeck

Belated Sleb Spot: John Sessions nodding off in the front row of the Finborough a couple of hours ago.
8:58 PM 21 Dec via TweetDeck

@emslj @dicklefenwick Signs? Really? "Let us invade a planet entirely covered in stuff that will kill us instantly! This is a good plan!"
10:39 PM 21 Dec via TweetDeck

Man in changing room whistling Nicki Minge's Superbass. Sounded like he wolf-whistled me taking my pants off. I take compliments where I can
11:13 PM 22 Dec via txt

Happy Solstice, heathens!
1:02 PM 22 Dec via TweetDeck

Pfft, call that a Christmas video message, Donmar Warehouse? If it's not the cast of Richard II singing carols naked, I'm not interested.
4:09 PM 22 Dec via TweetDeck

Overheard outside the Garrick: "Oh yeah, Chicago. That's got the girl from Sweaty Betty in it."
6:43 PM 22 Dec via txt

This is so 1970s sitcom I'm expecting June Whitfield to show up #intervaltweets
8:33 PM 22 Dec via txt

@merseytart I just object to the lie that sports people have personalities.
10:05 PM 22 Dec via trill

The problem with Steps' "Heartbeat" video: If H got abducted, AS IF the others would actually try to rescue him.
10:10 AM 23 Dec via txt

I haven't had anywhere near as much coffee as usual today. Wonder if that's why I'm now basically in a coma.
7:41 PM 23 Dec via web

Ding dong merrily on really quite high indeed http://nick730.livejournal.com/633548.html
12:07 AM 25 Dec via Tweet Button

And on that bombshell, Merry Christmas and night-night.
12:08 AM 25 Dec via TweetDeck

"Another day another haircut." Has Jessie J not had exactly that same hairdo all year? #shutupfearnecotton
2:34 PM 25 Dec via trill

What I don't get is, why was the little girl played by Just*n Bi*ber in pigtails? #doctorwho
7:58 PM 25 Dec via trill

Extensive, increasingly desperate search of sister's kitchen reveals no coffee. WHAT KIND OF MONSTER WOULD DO THIS TO ME?
9:16 AM 26 Dec via TweetDeck

Lawyers who are angels? ITV is just a parody of itself now.
2:05 PM 26 Dec via trill

Did someone actually eat their Xmas dinner in the gym? It smells of sage & onion in here.
9:06 AM 27 Dec via txt

Every year I like to appreciate the irony of the talking heads on Most Annoying People being more irritating than those they're slagging off
4:18 PM 27 Dec via TweetDeck
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