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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 42: "Yay." 
4th-Jan-2012 07:44 pm
On my Twitter feed this week, my last tweets of 2011 and my first of 2012. Including the customary old-man grumbling about the fireworks marking the bit between the two. Plus, in the absence of any reality TV to pass judgement on, I commented on the adaptation of Great Expectations instead.

Totty Wednesday: Single Twentysomething Edition.
12:50 PM 28 Dec via txt

That "lawyer angels" thing is by the creators of Life on Mars and, more relevantly, Bonekickers. Suddenly I'm interested.
2:44 PM 28 Dec via web

David Suchet's got the moves like Jaggers #greatexpectations
9:07 PM 28 Dec via web

Some ways in which Harry Lloyd could make himself useful include CENSORED, CENSORED and CENSORED #greatexpectations
9:11 PM 28 Dec via web

@nick00031 How very dare you. Some of us are drooling at Herbert. #greatexpectations
9:17 PM 28 Dec via web

I'm not really a Dickens fan. Is Pip *meant* to be a colossal douchebag? #greatexpectations
9:27 PM 28 Dec via web

"Oh look dear, someone we vaguely know in the queue. Go pretend you want to talk to him. Jump that queue dear, jump!"
7:30 PM 29 Dec via trill

@emslj /o\ Inverse Cumbus Arms = Riverdance arms.
10:52 AM 30 Dec via trill

Simple pleasures: When the exact specific thing you went into the supermarket for turns out to be on special offer.
12:57 PM 30 Dec via TweetDeck

@Weez I'm starting to get confused when people don't use them in conversation. #HashTags
5:14 PM 30 Dec via TweetDeck

Right, I *think* I've finalised my theatre top ten of 2011. Going up on the blog tomorrow. (Much more important than the New Year Honours.)
8:51 PM 30 Dec via TweetDeck

I can only assume the people already letting off fireworks aren't allowed to stay up any later.
10:12 PM 31 Dec via TweetDeck

Happy New Year, Twitter. Hope it's a bit less apocalyptic than the last one.
12:01 AM 1 Jan via TweetDeck

Totty Sunday: Tattooed pecs edition.
12:33 PM 1 Jan via txt

@Weez The amount of actors who must Google themselves and then REALLY WISH THEY HADN'T!
6:42 PM 1 Jan via TweetDeck

@Weez The midwife thing? I was mainly interested in George Rainsford on t'telly to be honest.
10:38 PM 1 Jan via TweetDeck

@Weez The fact that he's worn progressively less clothing in every show I've seen him in is the sort of thing that endears people to me.
10:45 PM 1 Jan via TweetDeck

Oh of course, new year, new bus fares. "Yay."
5:45 PM 2 Jan via trill

"He made a pact with Satan and decided to steal my cake!" Today my iPod likes the Matilda sountrack.
6:50 PM 2 Jan via txt

Guy on bus inaccurately defining English words to his Italian boyfriend. Having to resist temptation to correct him.
9:40 PM 2 Jan via trill

@acediscovery he told him a daydream occurs when you sleep in the day.
9:56 PM 2 Jan via trill

@acediscovery he also confused the words "manifest" and "manifesto."
9:58 PM 2 Jan via trill

@3rdspearcarrier @OughtToBeClowns Yeah the favourites were hard to pick but the stinkers were pretty obvious this year.
10:56 PM 2 Jan via TweetDeck

@OughtToBeClowns @3rdspearcarrier It really does end up coming down to "memorable for the right / wrong reasons."
10:59 PM 2 Jan via TweetDeck

Jeebus! I've seen vertical rain before but this actually sounds like someone's chucking buckets of water at the window.
12:05 PM 3 Jan via trill

Yikes, undressed to find a Technicolor bruise on my arm, and no idea how I got it.
11:04 PM 3 Jan ago via trill
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