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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 43: The wenter of oyr descontaynt 
11th-Jan-2012 02:19 pm
A relatively quiet Twitter week for me - less theatre trips meant less to see out and about, and here at home I spent a lot of time cleaning with the computer switched off. I know, I amaze myself sometimes too.

Finally got a new mattress! Wonder if that'll help me get any sleep, ever.
2:25 PM 5 Jan via TweetDeck

Theatrical Spot: Toby Regbo, Old Vic.
8:40 PM 5 Jan via txt

Someone's allowed Matt CARDIGAN to release another single? Did they learn nothing from the last time?
10:43 AM 6 Jan via txt

Aw, sad about Bob Holness. A lot of people didn't play the sax on "Baker Street," not many got famous for not doing so #RIPpleasebob
4:43 PM 6 Jan via TweetDeck

Squee! Brimstone & Treacle at the Arcola in May!
5:01 PM 6 Jan via TweetDeck

After Day 1 of spring cleaning, I have a nasty suspicion it's going to take me until *actual* spring.
5:37 PM 7 Jan via TweetDeck

So far 5 black rubbish sacks used, 6 bags of recycling, 2 bags of books to charity, and the flat still looks like a bomb hit it.
5:38 PM 7 Jan via TweetDeck

At least I managed to hoover the carpet, now that some of the carpet is actually visible again.
5:39 PM 7 Jan via TweetDeck

I caught up with that Angelkickers. Could have done with a Bonneville, to display some awareness that it was a panto.
7:20 PM 7 Jan via TweetDeck

Although any show that shoots Hattie Morahan in the first 15 minutes has to be doing something right. #angelkickers
7:21 PM 7 Jan via TweetDeck

So, Jonjo O'Neill as Dick III? "Noy is the wenter of oyr descontaynt."
10:23 AM 8 Jan via TweetDeck

Blimey, everyone and his nan was in this week's #sherlock. Tovey! Wight! Bullmore! Mantle! Paisley Day!
10:12 PM 8 Jan via TweetDeck

Nearest book, first sentence on p45 is your 2012 sex life: "You're on your lonesome, into infinity." For crying out loud...
10:41 PM 9 Jan via TweetDeck

I do like how Victoria Coren's substance abuse-based signoffs get slightly more sinister every week #onlyconnect
3:33 PM 10 Jan via TweetDeck
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