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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 44: Fascinator 
18th-Jan-2012 03:53 pm
It's still January, so like this blog my Twitter feed's been fairly quiet again this week, although the Sherlock finale did give everyone something to talk about on Sunday.

So I see St Jesy of Oatibix is trying to lose weight entirely of her own volition and not 'cause she's been told to or anything #xfactor
7:09 PM 11 Jan via TweetDeck

#edwindrood could have been #sexydickens if it wasn't for the alarming amount of muttonchop sideburns.
10:04 PM 11 Jan via TweetDeck

Also, nobody solved the mystery of why Rosa was clearly half-Klingon. #edwindrood
10:05 PM 11 Jan via TweetDeck

@kerrymctweety I quite enjoyed it but then I'm not a Dickens fan so not sure what that says about it.
10:11 PM 11 Jan via TweetDeck

The Mystery of Edwin Drood is 25% off at Waterstones. Surely it should be 50%?
7:19 PM 12 Jan via trill

There's three Friday 13ths this year. Mind you, next year every bloody Friday's got a 13 in it.
11:36 AM 13 Jan via web

Sleb Spot: Su Pollard at The Stag. I know, Pollard hanging around the gays, who'd have thunk. She's wearing a fascinator. Obviously.
7:16 PM 13 Jan via txt

I pity whoever sits behind Pollard. She's kept her fascinator on #ohthehumanity
7:34 PM 13 Jan via txt

I'm still not remotely convinced this is a good idea #intervaltweets
8:30 PM 13 Jan via txt

When the same song's played on a loop all interval I always interpret it as "fuck off to the bar and spend money, bastards!" #intervaltweets
8:37 PM 13 Jan via txt

Theatre review: Sleeping With Straight Men http://partially-obstructed-view.blogspot.com/2012/01/theatre-review-sleeping-with-straight.html?spref=tw
10:54 PM 13 Jan via Tweet Button

Nowadays, when I publish a review like the last one, I wonder "is this the next place to ban me?" #uppitybloggersunite
11:09 PM 13 Jan via TweetDeck

Totty Saturday: Sad Eyes Edition (sponsored by @emslj)
12:15 PM 14 Jan via txt

Wait, Bryony Hannah's playing an adult woman and not a small boy? Bit of a stretch for her #callthemidwife
8:27 PM 15 Jan via TweetDeck

Just found a blog post from 2007 where I'm looking forward to 4 theatre trips in 3 months. It's like a different reality #beforetheaddiction
8:56 PM 15 Jan via TweetDeck

@Weez I had four "days off" in a row at Christmas and got the DTs.
8:59 PM 15 Jan via TweetDeck

I enjoyed Katherine Parkinson and Andrew Scott vying for #sherlock's attention instead of Ben Whishaw's.
10:37 PM 15 Jan via TweetDeck

But... the "award-winning actor" thing, why would Kitty buy that? It was a high-profile trial, somebody would have recognised Kids' TV man?
10:39 PM 15 Jan via TweetDeck

And obviously Molly is involved in the death-fakery y/n? #sherlock
10:40 PM 15 Jan via TweetDeck

@Weez As @merseytart says, she probably provided the corpse #sherlock
10:45 PM 15 Jan via TweetDeck

@Weez Would #AndrewScottPowerHour basically be his award-winning CBBC storytelling show?
10:57 PM 15 Jan via TweetDeck

RT @cphuxley
@nick730 Cock!
10:56 PM 15 Jan via Twitter for Android
Retweeted by nick730

I'm hoping that last RT was about the play I referenced earlier, and not a personal judgement.
10:59 PM 15 Jan via TweetDeck

@helencairns I'm not used to getting offers like that online. Threats, yes.
11:05 PM 15 Jan via TweetDeck

Judging by Twitter's reaction to the #AndrewScottPowerHour if Emperor & Gallilean had been done in 2012 it would have been a sell-out smash.
11:34 AM 16 Jan via web

This launderette resembles a Bible group more every week.
9:46 AM 17 Jan via TwimGo 2
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