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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Being reinvented 
22nd-Jan-2012 11:04 am
Well this was something I was going to post as my "something for Friday" but for the last two days YouTube hasn't been working for me for some reason. Here it is now though, the trailer for the new-look Series 4 of Being Human:

Yeah, I guess I'm going to need some new Being Human avatars now that there's a mostly new cast :( At least only one of the male leads is entirely new (and I'll be seeing Damien Molony on stage this week so keep an eye on Partially Obstructed View for what I think of him) and as for Michael Socha's Tom taking over as lead werewolf, I think my reaction to him last series suggests I don't exactly mind this development. Looks aside, the way they've established Tom as a sort of manchild makes him an interesting character to put in the centre of things.

The trailer makes me optimistic (it suggests some of the lightness of Series 1 might be back) although loads of questions as well. I suspect all the stuff about George and Nina's baby might be a red herring - we're also seeing a lot of Russell Tovey in the trailer, and he'll only be in a couple of episodes so I reckon the baby plot might be how they write George out. I do wonder how they'll get out of the final scene of last series, which suggested Series 4 would be about George, Annie & Nina against the Old Ones, but clearly that's not going to be the case. Sinead Keenan apparently didn't shoot any scenes this series so I can only assume an offscreen death during childbirth. Which is horribly hokey, but they could at least get away with it due to the whole "werewolf pregnancy has never happened before" thing. (The other possibility is that they'd already shot more of that final scene than has been shown so far.) No sign of Lee Ingleby either, looks like Alex Jennings will be taking on a similar role. And Mark Williams shows up as well, it looks like the quality of guest stars will continue; Craig Roberts' Adam will be back too, though he's not seen in the trailer. You'd think there'd be more Annie though, given she's now the only remaining original character (ironic, considering her presence on "this side" was always the most precarious.)

Yes, it is rather a lot to read into a 40-second trailer, but with Tovey's departure I hadn't been as excited about this series as usual, but the trailer's piqued my interest again.
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