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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 45: Frockney? 
25th-Jan-2012 01:40 pm
An inordinate amount of my twitter stream this week seems to be about the TV adaptation of Birdsong, and specifically Eddie Redmayne giving ANGRY CUNNILINGUS to Fleur from off of Harry Potter. Apparently she had some Haribo stuck to her thigh because him eating that would look more convincingly like, er... oh as if I know the mechanics. Anyway, from the look on his face he doesn't much like Haribo.

Sleb Spot: James Dreyfus, Waterstone(')s Piccadilly
7:04 PM 18 Jan via txt

Dominic Tighe in RAF uniform. Was this play written, or just transcribed from someone's wet dream? #intervaltweets
8:48 PM 18 Jan via txt

Oh wow, I didn't even realize the full-of-future-stars As You Like It I saw in 1990 also had Alan Cumming in it: http://bit.ly/yyeyct
1:41 PM 19 Jan via TweetDeck

Theatrical Spot: Tom Byam Shaw, Shepherds Bush.
7:09 PM 19 Jan via txt

This kitchen is a bit posher than the last one #intervaltweets
8:36 PM 19 Jan via txt

@emslj I insist on calling that character Prince Lesbian BECAUSE THAT'S HOW EASILY AMUSED I AM #narnia
9:52 PM 19 Jan via trill

For dinner I had a curry featuring both lentils and beans. I've paid for it since, as did the other people on the Tube carriage.
11:02 PM 19 Jan via TweetDeck

@acediscovery It's OK, the watershed only applies to the BBC and its FILTHY SHERLOCKINESS now.
4:15 PM 21 Jan via TweetDeck

This sexual content we've been warned about better not *just* involve Fleur Delacourt. #birdsong
9:10 PM 22 Jan via TweetDeck

The audience at the stage version of #birdsong was scary. They were like Twlight fans, but middle-aged. So *exactly* like Twilight fans.
9:16 PM 22 Jan via TweetDeck

@mzendle @Weez I've only seen the stage version with Bin Bons, so as I recall it's mainly about not-very-good acting. #birdsong
9:27 PM 22 Jan via TweetDeck

@mzendle @Weez But... but... it's the greatest work of fiction ever written! According to its author. #birdsong
9:37 PM 22 Jan via TweetDeck

What's with Fleur's French Cockney (Frockney?) accent? #birdsong
10:09 PM 22 Jan via TweetDeck

So, apart from Eddie Redmayne trying to breathe through Fleur's vagina, did anything actually *happen*? #birdsong
10:29 PM 22 Jan via TweetDeck

So, Lloyd-Webber casts a fat tea-leaf reader as the Wizard of Oz, but he'll still blame the Olympics if it flops. http://bit.ly/xK1sMa
1:21 PM 23 Jan via TweetDeck

Tom Riley cast as Leonardo da Vinci. It's for the Starz network, so should be dreadful but FILTHY. Hopefully. http://bit.ly/AhC2AM
1:51 PM 23 Jan via TweetDeck

Oh, silly Simpsons episode where Springfield riots and everyone loots cheap, banal crap. As if that would ever happ...
1:18 PM 24 Jan via TweetDeck

My friend, last night: "Is Eddie Redmayne gay? 'Cause he did NOT look like he wanted to be doing that." #birdsong #angrylingus
1:36 PM 24 Jan via TweetDeck

Pleased for London Road, but will this year's Travelex season *entirely* consist of reruns?
2:06 PM 24 Jan via TweetDeck

Upgraded to Stalls: wonder if I'll find the one seat in the Apollo from which the stage is visible?
7:14 PM 24 Jan via txt

All Theatre Royal Bath productions seem to take place in the 18th century. At least this one's actually *meant* to #intervaltweets
8:50 PM 24 Jan via trill
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