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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 46: An existential crisis 
1st-Feb-2012 01:46 pm
The last week of January meant the usual mix of TV, grumbling, and alerting the world to the current location of minor celebrities on my Twitter feed:

Sleb Spot: Harry Melling, National Theatre bar.
7:04 PM 25 Jan via txt

I didn't get much sleep last night, and then TalkSport was playing at the barber's. It very nearly triggered an existential crisis.
11:14 AM 26 Jan via TweetDeck

Ten minutes on whether a man's elbow went higher than his shoulder? YOU CARE TOO MUCH ABOUT KICK-Y BALL-Y!
11:15 AM 26 Jan via TweetDeck

Posted this one quite late so if you missed it: Starring the new #beinghuman lead vamp.Theatre review: Travelling Light http://partially-obstructed-view.blogspot.com/2012/01/theatre-review-travelling-light.html?spref=tw
2:41 PM 26 Jan via Tweet Button

Yikes, it seems to have got really bloody cold while I was in the theatre.
9:25 PM 26 Jan via trill

So... Karen Gillan attempting an English accent #hasntgottherangedear Still, Aneurin Barnard's Frank Spencer impression was quite convincing
1:58 PM 27 Jan via TweetDeck

Oh FFS... I'm headachy enough as it is, I don't need EVERY fire & car alarm in Greenwich going off as well.
6:28 PM 27 Jan via trill

Theatrical Spot: Alex Waldmann trying to find somewhere to put his bike at the Union.
7:15 PM 27 Jan via txt

Once again, the main message seems to be that Eddie Redmayne REALLY doesn't like seeing naked women. #birdsong
9:35 PM 29 Jan via TweetDeck

Survey question: "How would you improve Eternal Law?" Is it bad that I answered "cancel it"?
12:09 PM 30 Jan via TweetDeck

*phew!* Sunshine Boys only running until July - wouldn't want Richard Griffiths to be unavailable should the new Alan Bennett require him.
2:35 PM 30 Jan via TweetDeck

Theatrical Spot: Tom Brooke watching Port Authority at Southwark.
9:02 PM 30 Jan via txt

Not that I mind another Antigone, but other Greek Tragedies are available.
3:47 PM 31 Jan via TweetDeck

1970s Camp Throwback Spot: Louis Pineapple Thingy, CaffÉ Nero Waterloo Bridge.
6:41 PM 31 Jan via txt

Mary Beth! Theatre review: Master Class http://partially-obstructed-view.blogspot.com/2012/01/theatre-review-master-class.html?spref=tw
11:20 PM 31 Jan via Tweet Button
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