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We the Tweeple 47: A tiny-cocked power trip

This week on my Twitter feed, my first trip of the year to Stratford-upon-Avon, which always means extra tweets from me 'cause I get bored. This time it largely involved me grumbling about the trend of repackaging classic novels so they look like the cover to Twilight. And then it snowed, so you also get some photos of Stratford all white and slippery. If you like that sort of thing.

Totty Wednesday: Very Tall Edition.
12:46 PM 1 Feb via txt

So apparently today is a nosebleed day. Oh the joy.
4:58 PM 2 Feb via TweetDeck

Oh, I see the coloured lights on the National Theatre now match their new ticket design #importantissuesoftheday
6:32 PM 2 Feb via txt

Welsh Spot: Mark Watson, Soho Theatre Bar.
7:01 PM 2 Feb via txt

Hard to get motivated for the gym when it's so cold, and layers of fat would only provide insulation.
9:24 AM 3 Feb via txt

The theatre bar is playing Single Mother Goose's album. This being Hoxton, I can only assume/hope it's being done IRONICALLY #xfactor
7:17 PM 3 Feb via txt

I kinda don't think the massive hole in @MrStevieWebb's jeans crotch is intentional #intervaltweets
8:46 PM 3 Feb via trill

@MrStevieWebb admittedly, since you seem to wear less clothes every scene, I can see that ease of access may be a factor.
8:52 PM 3 Feb via trill

Unheated train you say? Two hours you say? #suchfun
9:02 AM 4 Feb via trill

Oh no, now some French people have sat next to me. "Le Weekend."
10:12 AM 4 Feb via trill

I swear one of them just aw-hi-haw-hi-hawed. And then surrendered. #racism
10:14 AM 4 Feb via trill

@Weez @emslj I'm also worried about getting Stratford-stranded. I wonder if Swainsbury will take me in. AND WHEN I SAY TAKE ME IN etc.
11:06 AM 4 Feb via trill

Did I already know someone had republished Pride & Prejudice with a cover that deliberately looks like Twilight? Either way: HELL. HANDCART.
11:38 AM 4 Feb via trill

@Weez Yeah, I'd seen that one, now it's spreading :( What next? "The Joy of Sex (is in not doing it)"?
11:51 AM 4 Feb via trill

@Weez at this point I never considered the possibility that they HADN'T done Romeo & Juliet.
11:55 AM 4 Feb via trill

@Weez and given the enlightened approach to women, I'm assuming Shrew is out there somewhere. As a "how-to" manual.
11:58 AM 4 Feb via trill

@Weez "they're Merry because they're Wives, so they can finally have sex. It'll still probably kill them, mind." #shakeslight
12:02 PM 4 Feb via trill

@emslj @Weez at least most of them have the excuse of being several centuries old #shakeslight
12:37 PM 4 Feb via trill

The Taming of the Ladette #intervaltweets
3:01 PM 4 Feb via txt

I do hope this isn't the wrong kind of snow.
3:02 PM 4 Feb via txt

Christ with a colostomy it's slippery! I might need that hour to get to the station.
4:35 PM 4 Feb via txt

Train driver can see everyone waiting outside in snow,is reading paper & not letting us on. If that's not a tiny-cocked power trip, what is?
5:20 PM 4 Feb via txt

@revstan I got back from Stratford UA with no probs whatsoever yesterday so I assume a quick trip 2 Islington will be Hell to make up for it
10:50 AM 5 Feb via TweetDeck

Stratford-upon-Avon in the snow yesterday: At the interval...
1:22 PM 5 Feb via Twitpic

...and after the show ended.
1:23 PM 5 Feb via Twitpic

The RST (Really Snowy Theatre) from the outside.
1:24 PM 5 Feb via Twitpic

Those Harry Potter kids didn't exactly grow up hideous, did they? #intervaltweets
3:58 PM 5 Feb via txt

Is there any worse audience than the actors' friends? HOW IS THE CONSTANT SNIGGERING HELPING?
4:58 PM 5 Feb via txt

So, Mark Gatiss is the new Big Bad on #beinghuman? I guess it was the only genre show he hadn't done yet.
10:13 PM 5 Feb via TweetDeck

My twitter timeline contains no "Madonna's superbowl" / "enormous vagina" jokes. Am I following the wrong people?
9:22 AM 6 Feb via trill

Totty Monday: Soldier Edition.
12:48 PM 6 Feb via txt

Harry Lloyd in the Old Vic Duchess of Malfi; yes, I think I can cope with that.
4:59 PM 6 Feb via TweetDeck
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