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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
"She's God. And that." 
13th-Feb-2012 02:21 pm
I had a look in the supermarket today, and it looks like they don't stock Kia-Ora any more. So either Sainsbury's have a problem with Maori-themed soft drinks, or the vampires have got to them. "Being Human 1955" by Lisa McGee, directed by Philip John. 

- I don't actually feel as if I have much to say about this episode - I loved how low-key it was, and although I've still been enjoying Being Human for the last couple of years, this felt like the first time in ages that I've kept looking at the time, hoping there was still a lot more to go.
- Damien Molony's charismatic enough then, isn't he? I'm not sure what's going on with his accent but other than that I'm happy with him. Remember, if you're in That London (or one of the four cities it's touring to) you can still see him on stage; the play's not particularly good but he is.
- I like how much of a contrast to Mitchell Hal is; and though Mitchell was well-written, "sexy vampire" was never the most revolutionary idea. Whereas OCD vampire feels new. Funnily enough I kinda liked the sexless vibe of this episode, where the most hot-and-heavy it got was a 55-year-long will they/won't they. Of course, I say this now, if Socha's not got naked by halfway through the series it'll be a different story.
- And off Leo and Pearl go to the afterlife, which seems to have got a lot cosier in the way everyone treats it now. I think we're probably meant to forget about The Men With Sticks And Rope.
- Annie going haughty was good; that's an established side of her character so it makes sense she'd go there when troubled by losing all her friends at once (as well as being left literally holding the baby.)
- Very brief bit of arc storyline intruding this week, but I was right about Cutler's plan, to "out" the werewolves to the world so people think vampires are the safer option.
- But obviously the best thing about the whole episode was Richard Wells breaking out his most dramatic musical sting for Pearl daring to criticise Annie's tea-making abilities.
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