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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 49: Less sexy than you think 
22nd-Feb-2012 01:31 pm
This week on my Twitter feed, I see Russell Tovey in a play, then I see him in a shop. I do not attempt to mount him on either occasion but it's a close-run thing.

X Factor Spot: Interchangeable Ash from, er, various. In the gym. Still recognisable from the 'tache that looks like a rimming mishap.
9:07 AM - 15 Feb 12 via txt

Stephen Fry as Malvolio - so I *have* to give it a good review if I don't want to cause another Belgium incident?
6:15 PM - 15 Feb 12 via trill

@Weez the last time he was on stage (20ish yrs ago?) he got bad reviews & went missing, eventually found in Belgiumland.
6:51 PM - 15 Feb 12 via txt

Bear Grylls has a live show? What does he do, drink piss for coins?
8:42 PM - 15 Feb 12 via trill

So Upstairs Downstairs now clashes with Being Human. Why does the BBC hate me?
11:29 AM - 16 Feb 12 via TweetDeck

(I know I can tape the BH repeat a few hours later and watch it the next day BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT!)
11:30 AM - 16 Feb 12 via TweetDeck · Details

Matalan sells a ladies' leg shaver next to an identical potato peeler. #accidentwaitingtohappen
1:35 PM - 16 Feb 12 via trill

@pretinama ok, "save onto my DVD recorder's built-in hard drive" if you MUST be pedantic. "Tape" is a bit shorter.
5:48 PM - 16 Feb 12 via trill

Stephen Fry wouldn't be my top choice of train journey companion. There's a risk he might get a word in edgeways.
11:14 AM - 17 Feb 12 via trill

Dear Diane Phlegm: Your made-up spam name is less sexy than you think.
11:39 AM - 17 Feb 12 via TweetDeck

Totty Friday: You'll Be Able To Carry A Lot Of Shopping With Those Biceps Edition.
1:54 PM - 17 Feb 12 via txt

Sleb Spot: Dermot O'Deirdre at Trafalgar Studios.
7:32 PM - 17 Feb 12 via txt

Made-up Name Spot: Agyness Deyn, Trafalgar 2.
9:15 PM - 17 Feb 12 via txt

So that was basically like porn to me. And that's just the bits where @russelltovey was fully clothed #nointervaltweets
9:35 PM - 17 Feb 12 via txt

@stevenperkins I assume you know about, and have sung along to, this? bit.ly/zaZZ0O #newgirl
10:00 PM - 17 Feb 12 via TweetDeck

@stevenperkins I take it I have now ruined Chris' life forever.
10:02 PM - 17 Feb 12 via TweetDeck

@merseytart About to write my review of Tovey's play. Be warned, it will include the word "areola."
10:11 PM - 17 Feb 12 via TweetDeck

@josh_sey I like my reviews to have a USP. And I think we can agree they do.
12:39 AM - 18 Feb 12 via TweetDeck

I'm sure Jessica Raine played one of the creepy dolls as well as the nanny #womaninblack
5:00 PM - 18 Feb 12 via txt

Asking the audience to clear the auditorium for a set change always seems risky to me. You have to hope they'll come back #intervaltweets
8:52 PM - 20 Feb 12 via txt

Sleb Spot: Russell Tovey, Pret St Martin's Lane.
7:01 PM - 21 Feb 12 via txt · Details

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