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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
(ella, ella, ella, eh, eh) 
26th-Feb-2012 12:05 pm
It's been a sunny couple of days so I'm not sure why I'm dreaming about umbrellas. And it's true I normally don't have much luck with them (I gave up buying expensive ones long ago since they lasted no longer than the cheap ones in my hands) but I'm not usually this bad: For once the geography in my dream was exactly right, I was walking from my place towards Greenwich, holding an umbrella that I presumably didn't need. Because when, like any umbrella I touch, it started to fall apart, I left it behind. The skeleton had turned into a load of wire coat hangers which I hung from the shelter of a bus stop, with the intention of picking them up again on the way back and reassembling. I walked further down the road where there was a very small group of protesters marching down Blackwall Lane, at the back of which was the actor John Krasinski from the American version of The Office. Obviously I had to tweet a Sleb Spot but for some reason I kept getting distracted whenever I tried to get my phone out. I was so desperate to tweet this that when I woke up I was half-convinced I might have actually sent a tweet in my sleep. A sleep-tweet? A sleet? Then I started to walk back home, and when I got to the bus stop I took the remains of the umbrella down. But at this point I figured an umbrella that had turned into a load of wire coat hangers was probably past saving so I threw it into the next bin.
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