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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
"A crucifix and a banana muffin." 
28th-Feb-2012 03:11 pm
So on this week's Being Human, this happened:
Hal Press-ups
But we probably shouldn't let this distract us too much. "A Spectre Calls" by Tom Grieves, directed by Daniel O'Hara. 

- Press-ups and some nice moments notwithstanding, I found this episode hard to love. Apart from a slight advance in the Cutler storyline and the revelation of Hal's burnt arm at the end it was pretty much all filler. Worse, it was filler that didn't hold any surprises at all: The story last week's trailer suggested was exactly the the story we got.
- What was going on being so transparent made it even more irritating when the central characters had to be especially thick to fall for it. Stranger arrives, is trusted on somewhat spurious grounds, immediately starts whispering about the housemates behind their backs to turn them on each other (and I do mean immediately, he's barely been in Honolulu Heights minutes when he starts telling Annie what he claims Tom says about her) and is instantly believed. Casting the oleaginous James Lance as Kirby doesn't help, he's practically mwahahahahaing to their faces from the off, funny though it may be.
- Hal doesn't even do anything about this when he knows Kirby's a wrong'un. With Annie failing to take the hint and saying she doesn't want to know his past, couldn't Hal just say "OK, just checking if you wanted to know because Kirby's been blackmailing me with the information to try and get into your exctoplasmic pants?"
- And then when Kirby's actually revealed he's a serial killer and therefore possibly not to be trusted, his mean words about Annie are still enough to make her vanish into the ether within minutes. She couldn't even have said "it was all a trick" when she came back all Dark Willow?
- The only interesting part of Kirby's plan was that involving Tom's birthday, as it was the only bit that wasn't predictable. And meant we got a sweet pay-off.
- Oh well, we got that image above. And we also got this one:

- And "LOL," as they say on the internet, at "I'm gay and I'm straight!... That's not it, is it?"
- And I do love how Michael Socha says "Hal," over-pronouncing the "L."
29th-Feb-2012 07:00 pm (UTC)
I have to admit, the revelation that Hal is an avid listener of You and Yours put me off him a bit.

I agree that this was ridiculously predictable. I thought the whole birthday storyline was contrived too - it just happened to be the *next day*. Though Tom's family board was a nice touch. The episode just felt like filler to me.
1st-Mar-2012 07:58 am (UTC)
The birthday being the next day was irritating, but it was the height of subtlety compared to "Your friends say mean things behind your back!" "O RLY? Well I'll take your word for it and instantly distrust them, COMPLETE STRANGER!"
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