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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 50: "celia imrie in pencils" 
29th-Feb-2012 12:13 pm
On my twitter feed this week, I seem to spend a lot of my time taking photos of stuff around That London.

Overheard: "I'd rather be safe than under a bus." I'd like to know the context of a conversation where these are your options.
10:49 AM - 22 Feb 12 via txt

So, are eggs the new elephants? http://twitpic.com/8n7pfr
1:33 PM - 22 Feb 12 via Twitpic

Maybe coloured elephants hatch from the eggs #accuratebiology http://twitpic.com/8n7px9
1:34 PM - 22 Feb 12 via Twitpic

This week people found my blog by searching for "riverside boys bathing" and "lion jumping out."
4:15 PM - 22 Feb 12 via web

Three separate hits from "celia imrie in pencils." It's clearly a pressing topical matter.
4:16 PM - 22 Feb 12 via web

@OughtToBeClowns Seeing vaginas everywhere? Try turning your gay off and turning it back on again.
4:25 PM - 22 Feb 12 via web

The '70s really were the colour of baby poo, weren't they? #intervaltweets
8:45 PM - 22 Feb 12 via txt

"Cowell wants Estelle for X Factor judge." I do hope they mean Don Estelle.
9:33 AM - 23 Feb 12 via trill

The fact he's been dead for years shouldn't be a problem - look at Gary Barlow #xfactor
9:36 AM - 23 Feb 12 via trill

Theatrical Spot: Jack Farthing at the Donmar.
9:02 PM - 23 Feb 12 via txt

Today my iPod particularly likes Rizzle Kicks and Les Miz. I's well eclectic.
11:04 AM - 24 Feb 12 via TwimGo 2

Greenwich is like Musical Pubs at the moment. The gay one's been moved even further out of the way.
7:47 PM - 25 Feb 12 via txt

Ooh, she's nearly back to normal! http://twitpic.com/8p0hdu
3:34 PM - 26 Feb 12 via Twitpic

So they crowbarred in JFK just so he could have a case of the shits? CLASSY. #upstairsdownstairs
10:08 PM - 26 Feb 12 via TweetDeck

Random splinter-like pain in my hand that suddenly appears then disappears: Bodies are weird.
10:08 AM - 27 Feb 12 via TwimGo 2

I've bought a mad amount of theatre tickets today. Every bloody thing went on sale simultaneously.
7:35 PM - 27 Feb 12 via TwimGo 2

I even already have a 2013 theatre trip booked now. #sillyhobby
7:37 PM - 27 Feb 12 via TwimGo 2
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