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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 52: ALL THE GARLIC 
14th-Mar-2012 02:22 pm
I thought I'd done a bit more tweeting this last week but apparently it was a quiet one for me, just a few meaningless observations to round up:

Terrible night's sleep last night. I may have woken up screaming at one point.
12:17 PM - 8 Mar 12 via web

#bloghitsoftheweek include "bound gagged warehouse" and "huis clos théâtre." I like that they typed the accurate accents.
3:46 PM - 9 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

@3rdspearcarrier I do like it when the spare ticket I'm trying to shift is the exact thing someone else is after. 2nd time in a fortnight.
10:31 PM - 9 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

*splutter* someone in this building is cooking with ALL THE GARLIC. Is there a vampire infestation I wasn't told about?
1:38 PM - 10 Mar 12 via web

Dreams about decapitation all bloody night. Is it any wonder I have trouble getting to sleep?
8:21 AM - 12 Mar 12 via trill

Why do bus drivers only come in "violent psycho" or "so timid a child's trike could cut them off" variants?
9:17 AM - 13 Mar 12 via txt

I'm going to murder the launderette woman one of these days. Her utter refusal to do any part of her job is everybody's fault but hers.
9:42 AM - 13 Mar 12 via txt

@cjgrinbergs Have you seen this? http://bit.ly/wWjDXj The rest of the series of readings from last year.
2:30 PM - 13 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

A day after seeing it, Going Dark is losing more points with me - staring at projections on the ceiling has left me with a pain in the neck.
6:09 PM - 13 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

I'm not sure a wife-beating scene is meant to make you go "wow" at the stunt choreography #intervaltweets
8:54 PM - 13 Mar 12 via txt
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