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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
"Softly softly, massacre monkey." 
20th-Mar-2012 02:13 pm
As usual Being Human sees creator Toby Whithouse return to write the two-part finale - the last time? I'm not hearing encouraging things about ratings to be honest. A shame if next week is the end, as the Series 5 Whithouse continues to set up this week looks like fun. "Making History" by Toby Whithouse, directed by Daniel O'Hara.

- And yes, it is called "Making History," isn't it? Quite apart from the Eve/Annie subplot which sees Eve trying to remake her own history (by ending it,) we got reminded of the title rather frequently. I counted at least six references to "history-makers." I know Cutler's deliberately echoing back to the speech Hal made when he turned him, but yikes, talk about beating us over the head with it.
- So if Eve is right (I'm taking the final "....mum" after Annie was out of earshot as a clue that she is who she says she is) would the series actually kill off a baby? It's a tricky one because if there is a Series 5 having the baby hanging around would get in the way, especially if Annie's leaving next week. But killing a baby is still pretty dark. If Toby is willing to go there, my theory is that it's all about the poisonous werewolf blood (the retconned gift that keeps on giving.) Maybe Eve not being an actual werewolf would result in slow-acting poison blood, meaning all the Old Ones could get a taste before realising it was going to wipe them out.
- So, Alex very much set up as Annie's replacement in any future series. Again it's a bit heavy-handed but in this case I don't mind too much; after this series' cast changes felt far too sudden, I don't mind a bit of reassurance that there's a plan for future changes. She did pick up a lot of the ghostly tricks of the trade, like Rentaghosting and opening doors, a bit quickly, but I guess Alex is more bolshy than Annie ever was and confidence/mental state has always been heavily linked to a ghost's abilities so it's not too dodgy.
- I think I like Hal and Tom's friendship so much more than George and Mitchell's. The thing is, it's a drama, you need conflict. Hal and Tom hated each other on sight, which on the one hand makes it more entertaining when they do get on, on the other means it's believable when their friendship remains fragile and they easily turn on each other. But Mitchell saved George's life the first time they met and they were bezzie mates ever since, which means in order to get them to argue, Mitchell had to act like a colossal douchebag. Which, admittedly, was never that far out of character.
- Why do futuristic oppressive regimes always have quasi-Nazi imagery in these kinds of shows?
- And to answer my own question, in the case of these vampires at least, I guess if you were deliberately setting out to create a culture of fear and intimidation, you might well pick a colour scheme that did half the work for you.
- Anyway this episode was largely about the Hal/Cutler relationship. Since Tumblr seems to have been shipping these two since day one, you could practically hear the squee from here. Personally I can't get that excited about Andrew Gower. It's the overbite. As a rule I don't tend to fancy Simpsons characters.
- And we find out their full names: Nick Cutler and Henry York. The latter's a bit disappointing, as it somewhat scuppers my theory that Hal might actually be Henry V. Was I the only person thinking that?
- And then there's Mark Gatiss.
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