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This week on Twitter I have my third Twirthday (which seems to make me tweet loads more again,) and disagree with some of the Olivier Award nominations. I also see the best show of the year so far, quickly followed by the worst, and Sleb Spot another History Boy for my collection.

So apparently Cook from Skins is now dating a black-and-white minstrel.
1:37 PM - 14 Mar 12 via Twitpic

Was there ever a popstar with a worse name than Keith Sweat?
10:04 PM - 14 Mar 12 via trill

One Man Two Guvnors is a bit borderline to be called a "new" play isn't it? The Ladykillers is less dodgy but both are adaptations #oliviers
12:56 PM - 15 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

And Ghost keeps getting lighting awards? Is pointing headlights directly into the audience's eyes really such a great thing? #oliviers
12:59 PM - 15 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

@3rdspearcarrier Either way, half the original play nominations being adaptations doesn't look great. Jumpy would get it from me by default.
1:01 PM - 15 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

@3rdspearcarrier And that, of course, is not the first time I've mentioned Jumpy in the same sentence as "would get it from me."
1:02 PM - 15 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

@3rdspearcarrier If the same cast comes back for the DofY's, I hope they correct their egregious error of omission in the publicity photos.
1:04 PM - 15 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

The signs on the seats at the Bush saying "this row seats 6" seem like a good idea; could prevent the odd argument.
7:26 PM - 15 Mar 12 via TwimGo 2

#bloghitsoftheweek include "fictional dictators," "swim sexy boys," "theatre sex" and "crack whore in paterson." My blog attracts such class
4:59 PM - 16 Mar 12 via web

Is it wrong that the Love Love Love casting news has mainly got me excited to see the lovely Royal Court cast portrait photos?
5:12 PM - 16 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

@TheatreFan82 There is nothing of interest in any aspect of Hay Fever whatsoever.
6:30 PM - 16 Mar 12 via txt

Shivered review may take me a while. Teaser: Drop everything and go see it.
11:04 PM - 16 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

If you missed my review last night: Shivered is the best thing I've seen so far this year
11:17 AM - 17 Mar 12 via Tweet Button

The comment someone left on this review really irritated me
6:18 PM - 17 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

My sister texted to say she's just eaten fried sugar. Needless to say, she's in Glasgow at the moment.
6:28 PM - 17 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

Totty Sunday: Jesus, it's a selection box today, something for all tastes.
11:56 AM - 18 Mar 12 via txt

This Mother's Day gubbins is slightly overshadowing my third Twitter birthday (Twirthday?)
2:39 PM - 18 Mar 12 via web

Today my iPod particularly likes Scissor Sisters' more explicitly bumsex-themed oevre.
10:45 AM - 19 Mar 12 via txt

@merseytart I just noticed you got a tweet from @russelltovey. Are you OK? Do you need the vapours?
10:52 AM - 19 Mar 12 via trill

@merseytart it's true what they say, fame changes you.
11:02 AM - 19 Mar 12 via trill

I just can't imagine how I'll cope with seeing yet another Twelfth Night
4:27 PM - 19 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

Bloke at urinal next to me unashamedly checking out his own cock in the mirror. Fair enough.
7:19 PM - 19 Mar 12 via trill

@pretinama he was looking, not me.
8:26 PM - 19 Mar 12 via txt

I hope there's nobody Jewish in the audience 'cause there's a helluva lot of ham flying around #intervaltweets
8:30 PM - 19 Mar 12 via txt

@OughtToBeClowns I think I've found the new HenryV! Trying to do a speech while being force-fed strawberries is the new pointless dice-throw
8:36 PM - 19 Mar 12 via trill

@emslj why did I know that, if anyone else was thinking Hal = Hal 5, it would be you?
2:50 PM - 20 Mar 12 via txt

@emslj I assume you've seen this before. Actually I kinda assume you modeled for it.
2:56 PM - 20 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

History Boy Spot: Dominic Cooper, Lyttelton Bar. I think that just leaves 2 to collect!
7:31 PM - 20 Mar 12 via txt

@Weez (Sam Anderson's) one of my missing ones too. Him and Corden, funnily enough.
7:40 PM - 20 Mar 12 via txt

@Weez like I say, it's funny I haven't yet - you'd think he'd be, er, the easiest to spot.
10:28 PM - 20 Mar 12 via txt

@Weez well I'm ONLY counting out-and-about. I've seen all the History Boys onstage... in The History Boys LOL.
10:33 PM - 20 Mar 12 via txt

@Weez and the Lyttelton bar is the top venue, 3 so far: Religious, Other, and now Slutty.
10:35 PM - 20 Mar 12 via txt

@Weez Gay: Covent Gdn. Wasn't sure for months it was him cause of long hair; then Desperate Romantics came on telly. Asian: Lyric H/smith
10:40 PM - 20 Mar 12 via txt

@Weez Thick: BFI, Sloane Sq Tube, Trafalgar Studios, most recently Pret on St Martins Lane.
10:42 PM - 20 Mar 12 via txt

@Weez he's stalking me.
10:46 PM - 20 Mar 12 via txt
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