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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
"Always be kind and polite, and have the materials to build a bomb." 
26th-Mar-2012 04:20 pm
Of course, this photo belonged in last week's review,

but Damien Molony only tweeted it the other day so there's not much I can do about that. So the excellent fourth series of Being Human ends with "The War Child" by Toby Whithouse, directed by Philip John.

- So Series 5 has been confirmed; which is just as well considering how much of Series 4 was spent setting it up with a new trio.
- My only concerns are about history repeating itself. The teaser for next year's villain is very CenSSA again, right down to the "Type 1/2/3" classifications, so they're in some way connected (and the names Jagat and Kemp appear on the checklist at the end, as does Honolulu Heights and a few other addresses from the series' past.) And then there's Hal: The lapse into drinking blood is one thing, but there's also an insistence on his "50 years bad, 55 years good, 50 years worse" cycle. It's not just that we've seen all this before with Mitchell, it's also that the first three series proved that once you go in that direction with the main vampire, it restricts where the story can go, and loses the lighter touch that has been back this year.
- It's funny 'cause at the same time Toby Whithouse gives Alex a masterclass in ghostly superpowers, so she won't have to repeat Annie's first season arc of learning them gradually.
- Speaking of Alex and Annie, I see TMWSAR get retconned in their chat too. Well, they were already retconned as not being the terror from series 1 and 2, this just made it official. Now their bark is worse than their bite and they're pretty much only there to scare people on arrival. They don't even bother to greet Annie since she was MEAN TO THEM last time.
- But Annie's final death was well done, even if we didn't see her actual reunion with the others. (It's got to be tricky when one of them's still in New Zealand.) Obviously, my glances around t'internet so far have already found a dozen people insisting that the people she met behind the second door definitely included Gilbert.
- And they did "go there" with killing the baby, so points for bravery. Not in quite as gruesome a way as I suggested last week, but even so.
- Besides, Cutler's death was gruesome enough. Shame we didn't get to see him turn to dust but I'm guessing the (rather good) prosthetics used up that particular bit of the budget. I'm mixed on the way his story worked out: On the one hand I can see how his character's big picture works over the series. Created to "make history" he sees a way to do so, comes up with a whole new way to take over the world and puts all his energy into it only to get laughed out of the room; he's so invested in this that the humiliation is enough that he's willing to sacrifice himself if it'll get revenge on the Old Ones. It's a neat arc, but on the other hand all the buildup to outing werewolves feels like a wasted opportunity.
- So that's what happens when a vampire enters a house uninvited. Well, it's not exactly the same as in Let The Right One In but... *ahem*
- Milo is played by Michael Wildman; if ever there was a man whose name predestined him to playing a werewolf, there he is. He didn't necessarily die at the end although I'll be happy enough if we don't see him again - having seen the actor in a few things now, "range" is not a word that comes to mind.
- In other news the Tom/Hal relationship continues to be the best thing ever

- Annie pretty much gets her own storyline for her exit while the new trio gets established in time for next year. Fair enough on both counts, but it's a shame she didn't get to say goodbye to Tom and Hal at least. They were never "her boys" but there was a point where they settled into an alternative trio for a bit. But I guess that got ditched a couple of episodes ago, once Annie's exit started getting signposted.
- Whose name is Honolulu Heights in now anyway? I probably wouldn't have thought of it if there hadn't been discussion of the barbershop being in Leo's name back in Episode 2. The last living (and visible) resident had died before Tom and Hal actually moved in.
- Oh well, it's been fun again this year, see you next year.
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31st-Mar-2012 10:05 am (UTC)
Yes, it's a behind-the-scenes shot from Being Human 4.7. I talked about the Nazi of it all in my review of that episode.
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