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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitterball 2: "look left... look right... follow the dot" 
28th-Mar-2012 02:32 pm
A bit quieter on my Twitter feed this week; I guess I was busy getting an eye test, and the using those eyes to watch the Hunger Games movie.

I dreamed a new rhyming slang: "Lemon & Tonic = Chronic." I imagine you'll all want to start using it immediately.
9:09 AM - 21 Mar 12 via txt

Olly FUCKING Murs to support Wand Erection on US tour, in belated revenge for War of Independence.
6:52 PM - 21 Mar 12 via trill

Did I not say Greg Doran would get the RSC job by virtue of being the least interesting option?
11:05 AM - 22 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

Is it just me who's always sleepy after an eye test? All that "look left... look right... follow the dot" is practically hypnosis.
1:16 PM - 23 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

Nearly Hunger Games time, hope it's as good as everyone says.
2:10 PM - 24 Mar 12 via trill

Theatrical Spot: #teamcumberbus at Leicester Sq, buying Hunger Games tickets.
5:00 PM - 24 Mar 12 via txt · Details

Oh come on. Lady Agnes would totally have pronounced it "Sinjon's Ambulance." #upstairsdownstairs
10:00 PM - 25 Mar 12 via TweetDeck

So... The BBC3 announcer basically confirmed #beinghuman Series 5? \o/
8:26 AM - 26 Mar 12 via trill

Jesus, Katy Perry, is putting any semblance of a tune into your songs beneath you now?
10:07 AM - 26 Mar 12 via trill

And Toula CONTOSTAVLOU's effort is just her barking Young! Fun! Fun! Young! on a loop.
10:09 AM - 26 Mar 12 via trill

With 3.5 hours of Russian symbolism in store, I think the NON-drowsy antihistamines are called for today.
5:39 PM - 26 Mar 12 via web

Does NOBODY on this row need to get up? Halfway through a 3 & a half hour show? Do these people not pee?
9:11 PM - 26 Mar 12 via trill

Dear god,the launderette girl just APOLOGISED to someone for not doing her job. But he was v tall & handsome, it probably counts as flirting
9:38 AM - 27 Mar 12 via txt

"Tulisa's Sex Tape Gag On Ex." Did she gag? I haven't watched it.
10:02 AM - 27 Mar 12 via txt

Does Natalie Casey never need to blink? #intervaltweets
9:10 PM - 27 Mar 12 via trill
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