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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitterball 4: Mr Whoop Whoop Whoop 
11th-Apr-2012 03:34 pm
This week on my Twitter feed I give my highly informed insights on London architecture, tweet along with The Voice and discover the true meaning of Easter.

The 2/3 of this show that I can actually see is very good #intervaltweets
9:07 PM - 5 Apr 12 via trill

It's weird seeing Canary Wharf tube all empty, with no hot businessmen in sight.
7:42 PM - 6 Apr 12 via txt

Giving a shit whether the characters live or die can be such a struggle sometimes #intervaltweets
9:17 PM - 6 Apr 12 via txt

@revstan A Warsaw Melody. "She's smug! He's patronising! Will they make it? Will I stay awake?"
9:23 PM - 6 Apr 12 via trill

Just walked past a woman who looked exactly like Vic Reeves. EXACTLY.
9:10 AM - 7 Apr 12 via txt

Dear god, if your headphones are playing music that loud across a train carriage, how loud is it IN YOUR EARS? #kidsthesedays
12:46 PM - 7 Apr 12 via txt

So The Shard looks almost ready. Just in time for a baddie to get impaled on it at the end of the next Bond film.
1:06 PM - 7 Apr 12 via trill

All New People has had to resort to a quote from The Stage on its billboard. Ouch!
1:26 PM - 7 Apr 12 via trill

I see you there, sign saying "St Luke's." Be honest girl, you go to the redheaded stepchild of Exeter University. #thevoiceuk
7:36 PM - 7 Apr 12 via TweetDeck

"I'm so far away physically from when I was a choirboy." Well if you weren't, that'd be a medical condition wouldn't it? #thevoiceuk
8:03 PM - 7 Apr 12 via TweetDeck

"You can go with Mr Whoop Whoop Whoop or you can go with Mr... who am I again?" #thevoiceuk
8:17 PM - 7 Apr 12 via TweetDeck

Mum overestimated how many Easter eggs to buy. This has worked out quite well.
1:22 PM - 8 Apr 12 via trill

Mum's doing ABBA dance on the Wii. Just like Jesus would have wanted.
2:25 PM - 8 Apr 12 via trill

Wait, there actually exists a photo of Michael Marcus in Jumpy? But it's the split second where he wore clothes? http://tinyurl.com/clc2en6
3:15 PM - 9 Apr 12 via TweetDeck

@Weez I know! I only found it by accident, while Googling to check that he still exists.
3:18 PM - 9 Apr 12 via TweetDeck

@Weez Haven't found anything more recent than Richard II so far :( Hopefully this means he'll be free to get rejumpified in August.
3:21 PM - 9 Apr 12 via TweetDeck

@Weez Because we're into theatre FOR THE ART!
3:25 PM - 9 Apr 12 via TweetDeck

Having heard a lot of good things, I hope Mercury Fur ends my run of lacklustre theatre.
6:26 PM - 10 Apr 12 via trill

Bug-eating, tick. Gammy leg, tick. Storytelling, tick. Sex = violence, tick. No chocolate yet though. #intervaltweets
8:51 PM - 10 Apr 12 via txt
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