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Spectator sport

Another theatrical dream, although this time I wasn't on stage; I might not even have been in the audience, the third section in particular felt like a film or comedy sketch about a disastrous school performance. The beginning's a bit fuzzy but it involved some kind of controversial political piece, which some members of the audience weren't responding to very well. There was some muttering of disagreement to whatever point was being made, until one member of the audience, who I recognised as an actor I'd seen on stage before, loudly quoted a very melodramatic speech which he clearly expected would turn the audience back in favour of the play, and which ended with his dramatically announcing "and I had to sell my son!" Unfortunately the result he actually got was a man laughing loudly as if he'd heard the best joke ever. The actor was upset by this response and his girlfriend, also an actress I recognised, had to take his hand and lead him out.

The middle section of the dream was a big musical number, and was mainly a bit of a transition from this studio theatre to a big sports hall, like in a high school, where the kids were gathered to watch a performance.

The final part was the one that felt like a comedy sketch, as the kids were sitting surrounding the sports hall (maybe basketball? It was a wooden floor) and a teacher was getting the kids on one side to bring their chairs closer to the playing area, a bit more, a bit more, until it was a triangle poking out into the stage, with one embarrassed kid out on his own at the front. A single actor wearing armour came on and stood right in front of this kid and prepared to do his speech. From somewhere else in the hall though kept coming the sound of a teacher saying "John! Sit down!" "Lucy! Sit down!" Every time the actor tried to start his speech the teacher's voice would interrupt, ordering another kid to sit down. He never did get to do the speech.
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