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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitterball 7: *scales gesture* 
2nd-May-2012 01:56 pm
This week on my Twitter feed the first couple of tweets make it look like I'm just some big perv or something. I mean, IMAGINE.

Well it's a bit understated but there's cocks on display so *scales gesture* #intervaltweets
8:42 PM - 25 Apr 12 via txt

Cute lad in changing room, dancing wrapped in a towel when he thinks no-one's looking = priceless.
11:33 AM - 26 Apr 12 via txt

It's good to see other companies get into the spirit of the place #intervaltweets
9:06 PM - 27 Apr 12 via txt

Watching the Shakespeare episode is making me feel a lot cleverer than I usually do when watching QI.
1:45 PM - 28 Apr 12 via TweetDeck

Why are they still saying "Team William vs Team Tom?" Surely it's each team against itself at the moment. #thevoice
7:34 PM - 29 Apr 12 via TweetDeck

If one team got all 5 top places in the vote, one of them would still have to leave. #thevoice
7:35 PM - 29 Apr 12 via TweetDeck

Who on earth voted for Adam "chip in wrist, chip on shoulder" Isaac? #thevoice
7:40 PM - 29 Apr 12 via TweetDeck

"He's a musical wizard." Like Jarvis Cocker in Harry Potter. #thevoice
7:44 PM - 29 Apr 12 via TweetDeck

"You are fabulous and a huge talent" = "You are a fat gay." #thevoice
7:54 PM - 29 Apr 12 via TweetDeck

Tom is as sad as Sam. It doesn't show on his face or anything, but he totally gives a shit, honest. #thevoice
7:56 PM - 29 Apr 12 via TweetDeck

*HRRRRNK* Joe McFadden alert: http://tinyurl.com/cftovbc
12:22 PM - 30 Apr 12 via web

Dear May, please be better than April, theatre-wise. Yours, Nick.
9:53 PM - 30 Apr 12 via trill
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