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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
The Shinning 
15th-May-2012 01:44 pm
I had a dream last night with a surprisingly coherent storyline, told in the third person, very much like I was watching a fantasy movie. When I was a kid, our cub scout meetings were in a disused old school; the classroom where we met was the only accessible part of the building, the rest of it was out of bounds, and through the windows you could see tables and chairs stored away and covered in dust. In the dream a family was living there. They were living in the room I was familiar with, but the rest of the building was also open to be wandered around, tripping over huge cobwebs - the dad of the family had some kind of job there, I guess they were a bit like the family in The Shining. Except there were other people working there as the dad's employees. Or at least there were to start with - every night at least one of them would die (I'm not sure if they were just disappearing or bodies were being found the next day, but the impression was definitely that nothing good had happened to them.) With all the employees gone, there was only the family left, and deciding that the building was in some way cursed the dad finally got them all out of there, hurrying away. Even as they went out of the door a whole new family with their own employees pushed past them and moved in - for reasons known only to my subconscious they were all Italian. As they left the truth about the building became known to me: It wasn't the building that was cursed but the woods surrounding it. At night the dad would turn into a werewolf and kill people. His family had been kept safe because while they slept, the spiders would make webs around them, forming a cocoon that the werewolf couldn't smell them through. In the morning they'd break out of the cocoon and forget all about it, which is where those piles of cobwebs came from. As they drove away from the building it was clear the dad was no longer under the influence of the woods; but the Italian family were presumably about to go through the whole thing from scratch.
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