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Twitterball 13: The smell lingers

This week on my Twitter feed it's all a bit less hectic, except when I join in the overall grumbling about the Royal Court's latest douche move towards its members.

But how am I supposed to pay attention to what they're saying when Joe McFadden's jumping around in his underwear? #intervaltweets
9:19 PM - 6 Jun 12 via txt

@emslj @RebaHolland @CKleines @MrAlFox @Barcles Not always jumping around of course. He has to stop to kiss a young guy's chest for a bit.
11:30 PM - 6 Jun 12 via TweetDeck

I've bought an insane amount of theatre tickets today. What do you mean, "like every day?"
4:26 PM - 8 Jun 12 via TweetDeck

So THAT'S why @emslj is going to Mad About The Boy #hipsterPetruccio
8:56 PM - 8 Jun 12 via txt

Smoking cigar at a bus stop is a special kind of cuntishness. As is then not putting it out properly so the smell lingers.
8:38 PM - 9 Jun 12 via trill

My plan to get an early night and wake up bright & breezy was somewhat scuppered by a massive hayfever attack keeping me up half the night.
10:19 AM - 10 Jun 12 via TweetDeck

"royal butler taming a lion" #bloghitsoftheweek
1:25 PM - 10 Jun 12 via web

"what is title of the hairy ape" #bloghitsoftheweek (pretty sure it's "The Hairy Ape." Unless they mean is it Sir/Dr/Dame Hairy Ape.)
1:26 PM - 10 Jun 12 via web

That was one of the more stressful National Theatre booking days, though I'm sure the Royal Court tomorrow will give it a run for its money.
9:13 AM - 11 Jun 12 via TweetDeck

Jesus, the @royalcourt love finding new hoops for the audience to jump through, don't they? New Jez Butterworth NO advance sales at all?
12:36 PM - 11 Jun 12 via TweetDeck

"Hur hur, let them try every morning until they get a ticket. I assume they have nothing better to do."
12:36 PM - 11 Jun 12 via TweetDeck

Oh and no £10 Mondays Upstairs AT ALL for members any more.
12:41 PM - 11 Jun 12 via TweetDeck

"Thanks for the membership money. What? Give you the advance booking which was the only reason you paid? Don't think we will actually"
12:43 PM - 11 Jun 12 via TweetDeck

@royalcourt @revstan @Glenpearce1 @nathanaelkent A fair chance for anyone who can drop everything at 9am every day until successful.
1:18 PM - 11 Jun 12 via TweetDeck

Jeez, if you're going to get sneery about cheap sets, maybe don't go to a theatre above a pub. #intervaltweets
8:43 PM - 11 Jun 12 via txt

@Weez I'm looking forward to the Duke of York's suddenly becoming "intimate enough" when the fuss leads to a transfer.
10:30 PM - 11 Jun 12 via trill

@Weez I'd call Constellations pretty fucking intimate too but I guess the prospect of £60 tickets makes miracles happen.
10:37 PM - 11 Jun 12 via trill

Bah. Naughty thespace making me think they'd put Hip Hop Othello up when they haven't yet.
11:24 PM - 11 Jun 12 via TweetDeck

Is she going to take #revenge on a different person each week? Cause if this runs 5 years that photo she ticks them off will have to be huge
1:32 PM - 12 Jun 12 via TweetDeck

Also, we're three weeks in and Josh Bowman is still wearing clothes. I don't think I understand this show. #revenge
1:33 PM - 12 Jun 12 via TweetDeck

Several days of miserable weather AND raging hayfever attacks hardly seems fair. Isn't there meant to be a trade-off there?
6:01 PM - 12 Jun 12 via trill
Tags: hayfever, joe mcfadden, theatre, tv, twitter
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