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Twitterball 17: The most sinister child

This week on my Twitter feed it's a rainy Pride weekend, and there's a bumper crop of mental Google searches sending people to my other blog.

FFS fly, I just spent 5 minutes getting you out of the window, what's the point if you're going to come straight back in?
6:04 PM - 4 Jul 12 via TweetDeck

Yikes, return of the 105-minute first act. But pretty spectacular production otherwise, I'm even liking Hattie Morahan ‪#intervaltweets
9:25 PM - 4 Jul 12 via txt

Phew, broadband's back. That was a scary hour.
1:35 PM - 5 Jul 12 via web

"cush jumbo topless" I fear someone's barking up the wrong tree if they think they'll find this on my blog ‪#bloghitsoftheweek
2:19 PM - 5 Jul 12 via web

"shit that irritates me blogger" ‪#bloghitsoftheweek
2:20 PM - 5 Jul 12 via web

"equus shaffer -hyundai" looking for a production that replaces the horses with cars? ‪#bloghitsoftheweek
2:21 PM - 5 Jul 12 via web

"hairy dancers" OK this one may have a better chance of success. Unless they're looking for women ‪#bloghitsoftheweek
2:22 PM - 5 Jul 12 via web

"hitler's view of a perfect world" back away slowly ‪#bloghitsoftheweek
2:23 PM - 5 Jul 12 via web

All the times I've seen that Lay The Favourite poster, I didn't recognise Rebecca Hall. Probably 'cause she's not shaking her head sadly.
7:04 PM - 5 Jul 12 via trill

This condom machine has all the bases covered: Condoms, erection pills, and tic-tacs, so you can pull in the first place.
7:38 PM - 5 Jul 12 via trill

It's just not the same if they don't sing Totally Fucked ‪#intervaltweets
9:19 PM - 5 Jul 12 via txt

Who else is Looking Back In Anger today? And do we know the rest of the cast yet?
11:16 AM - 6 Jul 12 via TweetDeck

Yes, it looks like this week's reading will be a tad busier than last week's ‪#invasionofthecumberbitches
1:37 PM - 6 Jul 12 via trill

Sleb Spots @ Look Back included The Heff with stuff scribbled on his face, and me doing the "oh sorry, no you go left" dance with Andy Nyman
7:26 PM - 6 Jul 12 via txt

Also a Treadaway. Looked like Luke, but Harry would make more sense.
7:27 PM - 6 Jul 12 via txt

Oh shut up with your tube announcements Boris. I've been to getaheadofthegames, all it says is"*shrug* it'll probably be Armageddon."
10:39 PM - 6 Jul 12 via txt

Jeez, ‪#pridelondon‬'s supposed to start in a minute and they've not even closed the roads yet.
10:59 AM - 7 Jul 12 via trill

First time my sister comes to ‪#pridelondon‬ with me, first time it rains. COINCIDENCE? NO!
1:10 PM - 7 Jul 12 via txt

Well ‪#pridelondon‬ turned out fun despite Boris's efforts but I was right to leave early 'cause I felt tired: Fell asleep soon as I got home.
7:15 PM - 7 Jul 12 via TweetDeck

#hollowcrown‬ cancelled by ‪#wimbledon‬? Most offensive tennis balls since Henry V.
9:23 PM - 7 Jul 12 via TweetDeck

10:44 AM - 8 Jul 12 via web

Well there's no food left in the fridge so I guess I need to swim to the shops.
11:38 AM - 8 Jul 12 via TweetDeck

I'm not sure how I feel about the sighing noise the computer makes when you quit Skype.
7:08 PM - 8 Jul 12 via TweetDeck

Hope you've all checked out @AlistairGriffin's new album, Albion Sky It's not actually about West Bromwich.
9:19 PM - 8 Jul 12 via web

A pushchair containing the most sinister child ever just got wheeled onto the bus. It's like a cross between a fox and a Cabbage Patch Kid.
11:04 AM - 9 Jul 12 via txt

11:05 AM - 9 Jul 12 via txt

"I don't panic. Panic is an emotion and my face just doesn't do those." ‪#revenge
11:53 AM - 10 Jul 12 via TweetDeck

I love how put out Jack is whenever any actual customers turn up at his failing bar. THERE IS A REASON WHY IT'S FAILING! ‪#revenge
12:21 PM - 10 Jul 12 via TweetDeck

I think Slinger will pip SRB as the oldest Hamlet I'll have seen. And Fentiman's Titus confirmed.
1:35 PM - 10 Jul 12 via web

Potential new slogan for the Union: "Catch a show! And, probably, a disease!"
7:19 PM - 10 Jul 12 via txt

"17th consecutive year without cleaning the toilets!"
7:21 PM - 10 Jul 12 via txt

These songs are pretty good. Shame the lead's performance is straight out of Glee. I expect jazz hands any second ‪#intervaltweets
8:52 PM - 10 Jul 12 via txt

There's also some shameless "O NOES I AM WARM LET ME FAN MYSELF WITH MY SHIRT" action going on. There was nipple. ‪#intervaltweets
8:56 PM - 10 Jul 12 via txt

HRRRNK! Another Jessica Swale Restoration Comedy at Southwark Playhouse The last two have been pure genius.
11:51 PM - 10 Jul 12 via web
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