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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitterball 18: My sister or the psychic? 
18th-Jul-2012 02:37 pm
This week on my Twitter feed one of my favourite Shakespeare companies tackles one of my least favourite Shakespeare plays; the Friday Royal Court readings get a bit more sane with the absence of Cumberbatch; I suggest what That London's Olympic legacyTM should be; and the rap version of Othello arrives online.

Cardboard cut-out of Paula Radcliffe in chemist's window advertising vitamins: Should have been Imodium. Missed opportunity there.
11:04 AM - 11 Jul 12 via trill

OK Propeller, let's see if you can change my mind about The Winter's Tale.
6:58 PM - 11 Jul 12 via txt

@Weez I loved it the first time I saw it but subsequent productions have made me question that.
7:07 PM - 11 Jul 12 via trill

You wait ages for a pregnant man then two come along in the same week ‪#intervaltweets
9:05 PM - 11 Jul 12 via txt

@webcowgirl Did you also see a garter belt land on my head? One of the best productions I've seen but still have reservations about the play
11:36 PM - 11 Jul 12 via TweetDeck

"Who's telling the truth, my sister or the psychic?" OH HAVE A GUESS, JEREMY KYLE!
9:45 AM - 12 Jul 12 via trill

Sleb Spot: Harry Melling at Southwark Playhouse.
7:22 PM - 12 Jul 12 via txt

Well I don't always like old-fashioned musicals but this is rather charming me ‪#intervaltweets
9:00 PM - 12 Jul 12 via txt

So, who else is at Abide With Me this PM? I mean apart from THE WHOLE WORLD just like last week, because that was all about the art, honest.
11:15 AM - 13 Jul 12 via TweetDeck

Entire cast of Abide With Me standing unmolested at stage door. But no, last week was totally not all about Cumberstalking.
1:37 PM - 13 Jul 12 via txt

Scribbler is the campest card shop. I don't know any of the songs on their stereo but I bet each has its own dance routine.
4:28 PM - 13 Jul 12 via trill

Man at Charing Cross walking ferret on a leash. This is the image of the UK I'd like Olympic visitors to take away with them.
6:15 PM - 13 Jul 12 via trill

Got randomly nostalgic for the old trains with the slamming doors you could only open from the outside.
11:05 AM - 14 Jul 12 via trill

Well that's one way of dealing with audience member muttering along to the speeches: "Yes that's right, d'you know it?" ‪#intervaltweets
3:19 PM - 14 Jul 12 via trill

@mzendle Dick 3 (RSC version)
4:44 PM - 14 Jul 12 via trill

Drop everything, Othello: The Remix is finally online http://thespace.org/items/e000066n
10:43 AM - 15 Jul 12 via Tweet Button

Unnecessary revival of Our Country's Good suddenly becomes a must-see for artistic *cough* reasons: http://t.co/nHh9sBeN (@Weez)
1:52 PM - 17 Jul 12 via Tweet Button

@Weez Considering the shows they're putting on, St James' pricing does seem a tad... optimistic.
3:44 PM - 17 Jul 12 via TweetDeck

Shave might have to wait until this sneezing fit is over, or things could get bloody.
4:02 PM - 17 Jul 12 via TweetDeck

I'm already CONSUMED WITH RAGE every time I see a purple 2012 jacket. By this time next month I'll probably need sedating.
11:01 PM - 17 Jul 12 via TweetDeck
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