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Book review: Rosemary's Baby

The second of the quartet of classic Ira Levin books that I bought on a Kindle special offer a few months back is Rosemary's Baby, in which a young couple moves into an old Manhattan apartment building with a reputation for mysterious goings-on. When Rosemary gets pregnant and the neighbours show an unusual amount of interest in hers and the baby's well-being, she becomes obsessed with the idea that they're witches who plan to abduct it once it's born and sacrifice it in a dark mass. Since both the book and its famous film adaptation are older than I am, I unfortunately knew the famous twist ending long before either watching or reading it. But certainly in the case of the book I still found it creepy and entertaining even knowing all along what everything was leading up to. Plus I smiled at a reference to how the couple chooses the fictional Bramford building over the Dakota, which is where the movie version would actually end up getting filmed. Although some of the ways the story's dated are pretty shocking when you remember the book's less than fifty years old - not just the casual racism but most notably the way Rosemary's husband reassures her after a traumatic night she can't remember too clearly (he tells her he to all intents and purposes raped her in her sleep, which after a minor grumble she accepts as pretty much fair enough.)
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