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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitterball 23: Through pouting alone 
22nd-Aug-2012 01:27 pm
This week on my Twitter feed is back to normal service now that the #lympics are out of the way. I went to the Shakespeare exhibition at the British Museum though, that's something different:

I love that we can go straight from #lympics to rum babas and somehow they're both exactly the same kind of British #soggybottom
12:20 PM - 15 Aug 12 via TweetDeck

Oh, according to the programme notes, Ragtime *isn't* about menstruation.
7:34 PM - 15 Aug 12 via trill

@Weez Ooh, I've got the British Museum tomorrow. Then three consecutive Shakespeares. It's not quite 9 but it'll do.
12:26 AM - 16 Aug 12 via TweetDeck

Not that I dislike the current St Paul's Cathedral, but the old one looks SPECTACULAR #stagingtheworld
2:08 PM - 16 Aug 12 via txt

Henry V as played by Geoffrey Streatfeild's chest rug #itshypnotic #stagingtheworld
2:22 PM - 16 Aug 12 via txt

Well, it's in association with the RSC - *obviously* Slinger had to pop up at some point #stagingtheworld
2:49 PM - 16 Aug 12 via txt

Coins all look the same after a while but other than that a pretty interesting stroll around #stagingtheworld
3:29 PM - 16 Aug 12 via trill

Highlight may be Jonjo O'Neill trying to convey Richard III's opening speech through pouting alone #stagingtheworld
3:31 PM - 16 Aug 12 via trill

Attention: Man reading Fifty Shades on the train alert. A *man* #lookatyourlife #lookatyourchoices
10:32 AM - 17 Aug 12 via trill

@marctendo he's on the 2nd book too, so this is an informed decision that he's broadcasting to the world.
10:42 AM - 17 Aug 12 via trill

@marctendo let's just say his best years are behind him.
10:46 AM - 17 Aug 12 via trill

Checked into hotel #ifitsnotnailedtotheflooritscominghomewithme
3:59 PM - 17 Aug 12 via trill

Fargo and Cressida #intervaltweets
9:01 PM - 17 Aug 12 via txt

Elizabeth LeCompte walking into hotel bar last night while we're in the middle of slagging off her VISION = one of those special moments.
11:16 AM - 18 Aug 12 via txt

11:42 AM - 18 Aug 12 via trill

Being stalked around Stratford by Siobhan Redmond. It's OK, she doesn't appear to be dangerous.
12:09 PM - 18 Aug 12 via trill

OK, rather sad now that this'll be my last time at The Courtyard.
1:26 PM - 18 Aug 12 via txt

3hrs 10mins = Much Ado About Quite A Capacious Nothing #shakespeareanvaginajokesforthewin
4:51 PM - 18 Aug 12 via txt

Theatre review: Troilus and Cressida (RSC & Wooster Group/Swan & Riverside Studios) http://partially-obstructed-view.blogspot.com/2012/08/theatre-review-troilus-and-cressida-rsc.html?spref=tw
9:50 PM - 18 Aug 12 via Tweet Button

Warning, that last review's an epic. But to be fair, it's basically two different productions. And one of them's on crack.
9:51 PM - 18 Aug 12 via TweetDeck

Why is Busted's "Year 3000" stuck in my head? And why do they live underwater?
3:48 PM - 21 Aug 12 via TweetDeck

I see TfL are now going "OK, so the #lympics worked out fine, but you should DEFINITELY panic about the #plympics."
10:47 PM - 21 Aug 12 via trill
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