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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitterball 24: Inappropriately aroused in public 
29th-Aug-2012 06:21 pm
This week on my Twitter feed it's almost Paralympic time, and I'm trying to make the hashtag #plympics happen. With little success.

Dear the Radio Times, you know your Paralympic issue has the wrong logo on the cover, right? #plympics
12:56 PM - 22 Aug 12

Time to see how Jumpy holds up without The Marcus.
7:22 PM - 22 Aug 12

Well the Harry Hill thing was great, but where was Regular Viewer Bunty Hoven? #thatwasmyfavouritebit
10:06 PM - 23 Aug 12

So Vic & Bob basically went "if BBC2 doesn't want Shooting Stars we'll just change the name and take it to Channel 4?" Works for me.
10:17 PM - 23 Aug 12

This is all very well, but bashing Labour over Iraq - they know it's 2012, right? #intervaltweets
8:36 PM - 24 Aug 12

Why are the #newgirl writers so OBSESSED with race? Has there been a single mention of CeCe without the word "Indian" in the sentence?
1:48 PM - 25 Aug 12

@cjgrinbergs Anything less than Wenlock regenerating live into Mandeville will be a crushing disappointment #plympics
1:54 PM - 25 Aug 12

Why does London Road In Bloom always make me a bit teary? #intervaltweets
4:11 PM - 26 Aug 12

Squaddies already at the tube station for the #plympics. Another fortnight of me getting inappropriately aroused in public, then.
6:19 PM - 27 Aug 12

The one day I'm near Tower Bridge and the Agitos is folded away cause the bridge is open :(
7:15 PM - 28 Aug 12
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