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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
The Silence of the Hams 
30th-Aug-2012 12:37 pm
I had a pretty bad night's sleep last night, but did eventually catch a couple of hours, during which I seem to have missed my alarm going off while dreaming about student theatre. Back when I was at university one of the productions we did on our course was the mediaeval Mystery Plays, and I was back seeing a new production in this dream - I think it was meant to be by the current class. It was on a proscenium stage, but for some reason the audience were invited to come and go as they pleased, to sit and watch parts of the show onstage or from the wings, and then return to their seats. On one such occasion I'd been watching from the stage then returned to an empty seat in the fourth row; the person next to me said that was Russell Brand's seat. I realised my own seat was actually in the second row. The show was evidently a masterpiece and a massive hit, and the audience were more and more keen to climb onstage and get close to the action. During one scene that I was sitting out, so many other audience members got on stage that it almost got violent, and some of the set got pulled down. Once the audience had been sent back to their seats, one of the actors got winched up to put the backdrop back in place, to big cheers. The play was nearly over, and I opted to watch the ending from the wings, thinking that this production had really outclassed our own back in 1995. The Mysteries traditionally end with Judgement Day, but here the ending was the last few scenes from The Silence of the Lambs, with the finale being Hannibal Lecter going off in disguise after Dr Chilton. At curtain-down I realised I couldn't actually get straight off the stage into the auditorium any more, and had to go the long way round - which actually involved me ending up several blocks away in the centre of London, trying to get back before whoever had accompanied me to the theatre left. But I woke up before finding out whether I got there in time or not.
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