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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Logos on a backdrop 
11th-Sep-2012 09:56 pm
So there's clearly one topic of major importance about this week's Doctor Who episode, "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship." Yes, it's the logo. Last week we got a slightly rejigged logo in the opening credits.

Weird, it's now made up of dots. Except no, it turns out that they're Dalek roundels to go with the Dalek episode. Because this week it's a dinosaur episode and this happened:

Yes, dinosaur scales. I know science has now pretty much confirmed that dinosaurs actually had feathers, but it might take us a while to get used to that so we're sticking with scales. Actually I suspect TV and film might continue to go with the look we're familiar with 'cause it's scarier than an enormous chicken.

Anyway the crucial, fascinating thing to come away with is that apparently the Doctor Who logo will now change slightly every week. Well it had better be fascinating - it's more interesting than anything I can say about the episode itself. I know this is a kids' show, and kids like colours and shapes, so I can't complain really when there's an episode that basically consists of them. Apparently The Moff pitched the episode to Chris Chibnall by simply saying the title, "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship!" In the hands of most writers, you'd actually have something else to say about it by the end of the episode, but like I say: Chris Chibnall.

And this is despite a quartet of great guest roles. But actually four's too many - Riann Steele's Nefertiti, Rupert Graves' Riddell, Mark Williams' Brian and even David Bradley's baddie Solomon would have stolen an episode on their own (Nefertiti would have been fun to follow over several.) Chuck'em all in together and none of them gets what feels like a proper chance to shine. Graves' "walking innuendo" gets to go off with a woman with "tit" in her name so he's probably happy enough. Although since when did the Doctor become someone who'd be bezzie mates with a big game hunter? Probably about the same time he became someone who'll trap the baddie in a spaceship and send him off to be blown up.

Basically, this is an episode that at some point in its development necessitated the following conversation: "We have dinosaurs, 'splosions, and four great guest stars. Is it really so duff we need to chuck in Mitchell & Webb robots as well?" "Um.... Better chuck in some Mitchell & Webb robots as well."
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