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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitterball 26: Get some chest out 
12th-Sep-2012 02:35 pm
This week on my Twitter feed the #plympics end, everyone tries not to get too depressed about it, but there's just way too much Coldplay.

Apparently The Magistrate is about an adult pretending to be a child. Joshua McGuire's in the cast. I WONDER WHO HE'S PLAYING etc.
12:13 PM - 5 Sep 12

A couple of #wheelchairfencing photos from yesterday coming up. Arriving at ExCeL... http://twitpic.com/areggl
4:53 PM - 5 Sep 12

We had a pretty good view #plympics http://twitpic.com/areh3a
4:54 PM - 5 Sep 12

Couldn't get any "action" shots - way too fast & blurry. #plympics #wheelchairfencing http://twitpic.com/arehsd
4:56 PM - 5 Sep 12

All I saw of Mandeville :( WOT NO UNEMPLOYED ACTOR IN A COSTUME??? #plympics http://twitpic.com/areic7
4:57 PM - 5 Sep 12

Last one - men's Cat A foil medal ceremony #wheelchairfencing #plympics http://twitpic.com/areixt
4:58 PM - 5 Sep 12

Geordlando's pecs are a bit more defined than I was expecting. So that's a thing. #intervaltweets
8:52 PM - 5 Sep 12

Also, thanks so much whoever clomped around the corridors then unwrapped the foil from her sandwich during seven ages of man #intervaltweets
8:55 PM - 5 Sep 12

My iPod's in an instrumental mood today.
9:01 AM - 6 Sep 12

Henry Lloyd-Hughes and Sacha Dhawan cast in NSFW at the Royal Court. So basically I hope the title's accurate.
1:05 PM - 7 Sep 12

"does leslie mann shave her pubic hair" #bloghitsoftheweek
6:22 PM - 7 Sep 12

"julie and jeremy coney still married" #bloghitsoftheweek you should probably ask them that, not me.
6:23 PM - 7 Sep 12

'"michael benz" naked nude' #bloghitsoftheweek As opposed to the fully dressed kind of nude?
6:24 PM - 7 Sep 12

"how obstructed is the view at hobby" #bloghitsoftheweek it probably depends on the hobby. Is it dogging? Then probably quite obstructed.
6:27 PM - 7 Sep 12

Bloody hell girl, I don't think those hotpants were meant to be worn internally.
6:15 PM - 8 Sep 12

So, focusing on the issues that really matter: IS THE LOGO GOING TO CHANGE EVERY WEEK??? #doctorwho
11:15 PM - 8 Sep 12

Google did a different doodle every day for the Olympics. And not a single one for the Paralympics :( #plympics
11:53 AM - 9 Sep 12

I see the comedy racism was present and correct in last night's #xfactor
12:51 PM - 9 Sep 12

@nick00031 And Ukraine got more golds than the USA. Maybe that's why they didn't show the #plympics on US TV.
5:22 PM - 9 Sep 12

Weird, I can't seem to hear any Americans chanting "we're number six!" #plympics
8:28 PM - 9 Sep 12

"This section is called Endeavour." Oh of course, Inspector Morse was the one thing Danny Boyle left out. #plympics
8:36 PM - 9 Sep 12

If this whole "flame" theme culminates in a Coldplay/Wicker Man situation, then best ceremony ever. #plympics
8:39 PM - 9 Sep 12

Nice to see Brigitte Nielsen clomping along there. Where's Brackie? #plympics
8:55 PM - 9 Sep 12

"And now the triumph of the human spirit." *Waitrose ad* #plympics
9:01 PM - 9 Sep 12

Ah, I saw that Hong Kong Chinese girl win her gold medal :) She was a grunter. #plympics
9:07 PM - 9 Sep 12

"These people have suffered a lot. And here to make them suffer some more, it's Coldplay!" #plympics
9:09 PM - 9 Sep 12

Chris Martin there, competing in the T63 for people with severe vocal disabilities. #plympics
9:11 PM - 9 Sep 12

Anyone wondering where Emeli Sande is: She was buried under the stadium's foundations as an offering to the god of #plympics
9:29 PM - 9 Sep 12

I've loved the #plympics but this is just too much Coldplay for my sanity. I may have to turn over to Family Guy.
9:53 PM - 9 Sep 12

See, that's how you call upon the athletes of the world, like you actually give a shit. #plympics
10:30 PM - 9 Sep 12

Bless Jay Zed for making a Coldplay song better. An effect that can also be achieved by turning the sound down. #plympics
10:41 PM - 9 Sep 12

It's been weird following Americans the past fortnight, as they tweet normal stuff from their #plympics-free bubble. I feel bad for them.
10:51 PM - 9 Sep 12

Next: The Paralytics. Basically both sets of games all over again, but everyone's drunk. #lympics #plympics
10:57 PM - 9 Sep 12

Shouldn't the Brownlees be at school? It's colouring-in today. #lympics #plympics
2:40 PM - 10 Sep 12

A bit worried about this upcoming music section. Do they just mean Chris Martin is still going? #lympics #plympics
3:39 PM - 10 Sep 12

Compulsory comment: Strange, Emeli Sande looks different. #lympics #plympics
3:50 PM - 10 Sep 12

"I'll do anything you ask of me." *winks in direction of Greg Rutherford and Jonnie Peacock* #lympics #plympics
3:53 PM - 10 Sep 12

A tearful nation gratefully thanks the Pet Shop Boys for not being Coldplay. #lympics #plympics
4:12 PM - 10 Sep 12

I'm enjoying Neil Tennant pretending a random trawl through his back catalogue is #lympics themed. "Rio is West of here so... Go West!"
4:14 PM - 10 Sep 12

Princess Anne attended *every* event? Even the ones that happened simultaneously? #parade #lympics #plympics
4:22 PM - 10 Sep 12

"Katherine Jenkins and the band of the Coldstream Guards." Yep, that's the evening Katherine had planned. #parade #lympics #plympics
4:31 PM - 10 Sep 12

Theatrical Spot: Harry Hadden-Paton being ostentatious in More London Place.
6:44 PM - 10 Sep 12

All I can see is teeth. So many teeth! #intervaltweets
8:47 PM - 10 Sep 12

Ah yes, the summer of awesome's definitely over: Trains back to being a random shambles.
10:45 PM - 10 Sep 12

"Prison's no place for a boy like Daniel." Oh I think he'll make friends quickly *bow chica bow* #revenge
7:14 PM - 11 Sep 12

I love that James actually took Sue's advice to get some chest out this week #bakeoff
8:16 PM - 11 Sep 12

Wait, Johnny Appleseed actually existed? Also, two food history lessns this week? #bakeoff
8:43 PM - 11 Sep 12

ZOMG literal bloodbath next week! #bakeoff
9:00 PM - 11 Sep 12
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