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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitterball 27: Other dystopias are available 
19th-Sep-2012 01:45 pm
This week on my Twitter feed, I continue to get excited about theatre that's still ages away, and on the complete opposite end of the scale, The X Factor continues to exist, whether anybody cares or not.

Sleb Spot: Andrew Scott on The Cut.
6:46 PM - 12 Sep 12

I'm really not seeing what caused all these extreme reactions #intervaltweets
8:56 PM - 12 Sep 12

Another stage version of A Clockwork Orange? Surely other dystopias are available.
2:40 PM - 13 Sep 12

Woman on the bus with a pierced cleavage - HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK?
6:20 PM - 13 Sep 12

Sleb Spot: Anna Chancellor at Hampstead Theatre.
8:36 PM - 13 Sep 12

Rupert Everett's current face is modelled on Baron Greenback #intervaltweets
8:43 PM - 13 Sep 12

Theatre review: The Judas Kiss http://partially-obstructed-view.blogspot.com/2012/09/theatre-review-judas-kiss.html?spref=tw
12:05 AM - 14 Sep 12

That review's of a play with three naked men in it, so anyone with expectations of highbrow analysis, feel free to lower them.
12:06 AM - 14 Sep 12

SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS RT @AttitudeMag: New issue of @attitudemag pic.twitter.com/hpPRd4L4
11:50 AM - 14 Sep 12

So the next joke I'll be running into the ground will be "Emperor and Galileo" http://www.whatsonstage.com/news/theatre/london/E8831347622485/McDiarmid+returns+to+RSC+to+star+in+Brecht%27s+Life+of+Galileo.html
2:30 PM - 15 Sep 12

"I'm Going Down. This is dedicated to Tulisa." #xfactor
8:33 PM - 15 Sep 12

Welcome to Provincial Gay Club Factor #xfactor
8:50 PM - 15 Sep 12

9:03 PM - 15 Sep 12

It's a deep exploration of Fanny #intervaltweets
3:55 PM - 16 Sep 12

Sleb Spot: Stephen Fry watching Passing By at the Finborough. So *that's* still going on then.
8:47 PM - 16 Sep 12

OK, the #lympics banners can come down now, all they're doing is reminding me it's all over & depressing me.
7:57 PM - 17 Sep 12

"Wah, James Bond was a rubbish boyfriend and I feel like the SKY is FALLing." Just having a wild guess at Adele's theme tune lyrics there.
12:28 PM - 18 Sep 12

Sharing a room with Tyler had left Daniel somehow prepared for the prison showers #revenge
4:46 PM - 18 Sep 12

Oh, so the lift at the Royal Court's still making that SIGHING IN PAIN noise when it goes to the top floor then.
7:20 PM - 18 Sep 12

Now if I could still get cheap Upstairs tickets I'd have someone with me to help commentate on the queue-jump Olympics.
7:30 PM - 18 Sep 12

Too many people tried the "queue-jump by lift" technique! It was an old-lady bloodbath! #queuejumplympics
7:33 PM - 18 Sep 12
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