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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Can you beat the cube? 
24th-Sep-2012 04:30 pm
Yep, it's definitely not just the logo that's changing every week.

The time vortex has been changing colour and getting darker, this week it's positively purple by the end, and the credit sequence also has a couple of shimmering inter-dimensional portals.

Like that infinite number of monkeys at infinite typewriters, let Chris Chibnall write enough Doctor Who episodes and he'll come up with a good one. Well, two thirds of a good one. Most of "The Power of Three" rattles along pretty well, which is quite impressive considering how much of the episode is about the Ponds trying to decide whether to stay on Earth. They've had more farewell tours than Cher now so if there's one thing this half-series has accomplished, it's making it very easy for us to finally see them off next week. I've seen a theory that the five episodes are, from the Doctor's point of view, being shown in reverse, and after seeing whatever the Ponds' dramatic fate is next week he's going back in time because he can't say goodbye, so "Asylum of the Daleks" was actually the last time he saw them. In this theory's favour there's the glimpse of a Henry VIII adventure, which the Doctor name-checked last week but Rory didn't seem to know much about yet. On the other hand this week is definitely after "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship," as the Doctor already knows Brian, who makes another welcome appearance.

Anyway most of the episode is quite fun and rather different, the low-key invasion of millions of black cubes that apparently do absolutely nothing is a change of pace and a bit of a puzzle to add to the running about and explosions. There's lots of nods to continuity both in the original series (Zygons, K9, a new Lethbridge-Stewart) and the relaunched series (UNIT's Tower of London base from "The Christmas Invasion.") It's just a shame the conclusion lets things down. People are being taken through a portal to a spaceship in another dimension and being kept there unconscious because ?????????????????? and then with the exception of Rory and Brian the Doctor lets them all get blown up because that's what he does now. Oh god, can you imagine what it'll be like when Chibnall inevitably takes over as showrunner? The Doctor'll basically be the Terminator but you know, for kids.

Then Steven Berkoff turns up to claim the title of the only actor whose performance as a Doctor Who panto villain is one of the more naturalistic ones in his career. ("His whole aesthetic is anti-naturalism! It's nae suitable for film!") The Doctor takes him on in Blockbusters and wins the ability to bring the heart attack victims back to life (plus a kayaking trip.) Then Brian gives his blessing to Rory and Amy going off to travel and probably die with the Doctor.

Arthur Darvill's hair's been rather lovely this series, hasn't it?
24th-Sep-2012 08:32 pm (UTC)
I was slightly creeped out by the foreshadowing (I have not read anything about the actual manner of the Ponds' departure), but there was a bit where the Doctor and Brian chat about what happens to companions with a kind of neon arrow pointing to their conversation. Oh hai portent of doom.

Other than that, I'm quite enjoying this season being a bit easier to follow.
26th-Sep-2012 12:38 pm (UTC)
It would be ironic if Moffat, who didn't permanently kill off a single character until he became showrunner, ended up being the first person to kill a companion in the new series. (Kylie doesn't count.) But then the foreshadowing has been so full-on I wonder if it's a red herring.
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