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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitterball 30: Organ donation is very helpful 
10th-Oct-2012 03:51 pm
This week on my Twitter feed was mainly about telly what I've watched, and plays what I've seen.

What's the deal with half the musicals in London moving theatres at the moment?
4:36 PM - 4 Oct 12

Doc Spot: Matt Smith in Charing Cross.
6:41 PM - 4 Oct 12

I must admit Twitter isn't exactly making me jump with anticipation at my upcoming couple of trips to the National.
10:31 PM - 4 Oct 12

@pcchan1981 "plenty to discuss" doesn't say "quick to write" to me. It says "Up till 3am howling WOW!!! / WHY???" (delete as applicable.)
10:53 PM - 4 Oct 12

Well, this ever-changing weather isn't making it hard to decide what to wear to the Globe tonight. *face* #layers
3:11 PM - 5 Oct 12

Olly FUCKING Murs wants to be an #xfactor mentor 'cause he "likes helping." Organ donation is very helpful, just putting that out there.
6:24 PM - 5 Oct 12

I'm not entirely convinced Richard III was Frank Gallagher, actually #intervaltweets
8:56 PM - 5 Oct 12

Blimey, looks like the That London Dungeon is the place to be today, queues round the block!
2:45 PM - 6 Oct 12

Glad I revisited The Busy Body and dragged Evil Alex along; just as good as, if not better than, the first time.
11:03 PM - 6 Oct 12

Plus bumped into @3rdspearcarrier, also there on a return trip; and finally met @emslj, & the universe did not implode as a result.
11:05 PM - 6 Oct 12

"I think I'd like my evil empire to be mainly about men with their tops off." Morgana is basically me. Except my face moves. #merlin
12:39 PM - 7 Oct 12

Right then, last night's #xfactor won't watch itself. Unfortunately.
2:06 PM - 7 Oct 12

I don't normally hurl obscenities at the TV but when FUCKING IMAGINE came on I very nearly hurled the remote as well #xfactor
5:51 PM - 7 Oct 12

Good to hear it confirmed, I always wondered if Leona was "a bit special." #xfactor
8:15 PM - 7 Oct 12

"Oh, yes." Barlow's transformation into Churchill the dog is complete. #xfactor
8:25 PM - 7 Oct 12

It's nice how the guest acts always sing out of tune to show solidatiry with the contestants. #xfactor
8:27 PM - 7 Oct 12

"There's no question to answer! It is now literally a lottery, but it costs more than the real lottery and the prize is smaller!" #xfactor
8:33 PM - 7 Oct 12

I hope the one I like doesn't go home. Oh wait, it is not actually possible for someone I like to leave. #xfactor
8:36 PM - 7 Oct 12

"She just didn't connect with viewers." If only there'd been a way to predict if people would want her to win a singing contest. #xfactor
9:04 PM - 7 Oct 12

"There are lots of shows that are very similar to this one, except they're more about the voice." #xfactor #shitsingersgettingfired
9:06 PM - 7 Oct 12

Just txting a mini-review to those people who suddenly expressed an interest in Our Boys when the poster image appeared *side-eye*
9:57 AM - 9 Oct 12
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