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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitterball 31: LET'S HAVE A DAME-OFF! 
17th-Oct-2012 12:38 pm
This week on my Twitter feed is one of those where I spend a day in Stratford-upon-Avon, and tweet every thought I have in an attempt to keep myself entertained.

Oh good, the #lympics banners have finally been taken down. Was getting tired of the constant reminders that it's all over.
9:07 AM - 10 Oct 12

I had a feeling we'd get an all-male Bake-Off final. It's like an all-female Apprentice final, PROPER MODERN #gbbo
3:52 PM - 10 Oct 12

@pretinama the John/James slash writers need their inspiration from somewhere.
7:24 PM - 10 Oct 12

Attenborough leaving the Almeida. I wonder if they'll replace him with someone who HAS THE FAINTEST IDEA WHAT THE THEATRE'S SIGHTLINES ARE.
11:42 AM - 11 Oct 12

Just watching last night's Who Does Miss Babs Think She Is? Turns out she's quite posh *surprised face*
2:18 PM - 11 Oct 12

Bah. Podiatrist appointment I'd been waiting a couple of months for just got postponed. At least it was just by a week,
4:50 PM - 11 Oct 12

I recognised Bertie Carvel the second he walked on stage. That just can't be right. #intervaltweets
8:39 PM - 11 Oct 12

"world goes dim" #bloghitsoftheweek
2:54 PM - 12 Oct 12

"doon mackichan topless" #bloghitsoftheweek Well, clearly The Routine worked on *someone*
2:54 PM - 12 Oct 12

Also, last night Last of the Haussmans was screened to cinemas, and today I've got loads of searches for Taron Egerton. I WONDER WHY #speedo
2:56 PM - 12 Oct 12

People with wheely luggage: there will be places too narrow to drag it through. Just accept this, and carry the suitcase for a split second.
8:58 AM - 13 Oct 12

Not a proper shop sign, but the White Swan Hotel now serves "Coffee As You Like It." #stratforduponavon #musttryharder
10:57 AM - 13 Oct 12

Bah, the cafe I like in #stratforduponavon has closed, no potato lunch for me. Scampi & chips it is.
1:11 PM - 13 Oct 12

The chip shop is being topical with an all-Bond Theme soundtrack #soholdontight #letthefight #begin
1:35 PM - 13 Oct 12

Jeez, by the time that tweet deigned to post we'd got to Gladys Knight #ithinkineedigottoholdontoyourlove
1:37 PM - 13 Oct 12

New #stratforduponavon business idea: specialist "Mommy Porn" bookshop, The Merry Wanks of Windsor.
5:01 PM - 13 Oct 12

Damn you fizzy water squirting all over me, that's why I don't usually drink you. And in front of a cute boy, too.
6:03 PM - 13 Oct 12

I'm just catching up with this #livejump thing but I'm assuming it's a publicity thing for Skyfall?
7:14 PM - 14 Oct 12

I've just realised Dench and Mirren will both be theatreing in London at the same time next year. LET'S HAVE A DAME-OFF!
12:10 PM - 15 Oct 12

@emslj I like the implication that if you HAD caught up with the last season, #merlin stood a chance of making sense #sillyemma
6:39 PM - 15 Oct 12

6:46 PM - 15 Oct 12

Theatrical Spot: Sam Crane at the Young Vic.
7:23 PM - 15 Oct 12

The start times for Young Vic shows should be treated as wild guesses, shouldn't they? That, or the show will start before they let us in.
7:42 PM - 15 Oct 12

Blimey, I know Girls Aloud are never satisfied with just the one chorus, but the new song's got about 48 of them.
11:28 PM - 15 Oct 12

Rather apt that in the Family Guy connection on last night's #onlyconnect wall, they kept forgetting Meg.
11:16 AM - 16 Oct 12

The Globe like a bit of Macbeth, don't they? Their last one was only two years ago.
4:25 PM - 16 Oct 12

On the other hand, the Henry VIs! Now if someone does The Two Noble Kinsmen, 2013 could be the year I complete the Shakespeare set.
4:26 PM - 16 Oct 12

Show at the O2 tonight:"Michael Jackson: Immortal." Actually I would suggest that recent years have proven otherwise.
6:30 PM - 16 Oct 12
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