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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Daddy issues 
24th-Oct-2012 07:10 pm
Two TV shows of his own to write but Howard Overman keeps coming back to Merlin; this week it's "The Death Song of Uther Pendragon," in which Arthur attempts to speak to his dead dad, having forgotten what a complete douchenozzle he was. He's very quickly reminded, because obviously even when he's a ghost Uther's first priority is to tell Arthur that everything he's ever done is wrong.

And then he dresses as The Crow for some reason and haunts the castle trying to kill the knights and Guinevere. But he gets defeated by Merlin's magic, because despite apparently having been able to watch everything that's been going on from the afterlife, he's still managed to miss the bit where Merlin's a wizard.

SOSSERY! count Nil. There's a "sorcery!" from a man in the Scottish village that inexplicably exists in the middle of Arthur's Westcountry kingdom.

GAYWATCH! Gwaine and Percival's flirtation continues to do the honours on this front. "Oh Percival, you're so big but your brain is so small." "It's because every time I'm with you all the bloodflow to my head gets diverted to my enormous [redacted]." Also at the very end Arthur implies that he's going to do something to Merlin involving his fist.
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