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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
The tooth will out 
28th-Oct-2012 11:27 am
Well, we had three half-decent Merlin episodes in a row I guess, it was a bit too much to expect a fourth. "Another's Sorrow" is just a bit dull, and similar to any number of past episodes. So much so, it's a wonder everyone doesn't figure out what's going on in the first five minutes.

Presumably everyone thinks that the "old Merlin" makeup is such a hit that they should slap it on Morgana as well. Although since Morgana's hair for this series seems to be styled after a windswept tree, the crone look probably feels quite glam to her.

Getting James Fox to stand around in the background for a couple of scenes was a good use of a Special Guest Star, wasn't it?

Arthur says he's still got "four limbs and all his own teeth." Oh Bradley James, as the internet wasted no time in pointing out when Series 5 started, those are not the same teeth you had last year.

SOSSERY! count Nil. Gaius is far too preoccupied this week with telling Merlin that nothing untoward could possibly be happening. It's not like something untoward has happened to them in a similar fashion every week for the last five years, is it?

GAYWATCH! Gwaine and Percival get separated this week, so even Gaywatch goes on the back burner.
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