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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitterball 33: I might have travelled in time 
31st-Oct-2012 04:44 pm
This week on my Twitter feed I conform to stereotype by almost exclusively tweeting about theatre news. In the unlikely event that any non-theatre geeks follow me, I can only apologise.

Seriously, there's another National Theatre booking period opening in a fortnight? Didn't we just have the last one?
6:36 PM - 24 Oct 12

My theatre diary for March 2013 is already pretty packed #madness
11:48 AM - 25 Oct 12

Paul Ready & Michelle Terry both cast in Republic of Happiness. I take it they're still a thing then 'cause if not that would be... awkward.
11:55 AM - 25 Oct 12

Help, there's a bowler-hatted man with well-groomed white whiskers on this bus, and I'm worried I might have travelled in time.
6:16 PM - 26 Oct 12

Happy marginally-longer-than-usual weekend, tweeple!
7:26 PM - 26 Oct 12

Sleb Spot: Lenora Crichlow at Hampstead Theatre.
10:16 PM - 26 Oct 12

Nothing makes me want to stay in bed all day eating biscuits more than having a half-marathon going on outside my window.
10:58 AM - 28 Oct 12

Except possibly when the full marathon goes on outside my window.
10:58 AM - 28 Oct 12

"Runners, keep running!" These motivational announcements are just so damned inspiring. #runtothebeat
11:12 AM - 28 Oct 12

If Oikos really is so-called Greek style, then the first O is silent. Sort it out. #adsofthexfactor
8:22 PM - 28 Oct 12

Joss Whedon On Romney: http://youtu.be/6TiXUF9xbTo via @youtube
11:45 AM - 29 Oct 12

"ATROCIOUS management," barks woman arriving late, & being told she can't have 2 seats to herself.
9:21 PM - 29 Oct 12

@Weez She was really skinny and all. I mean, if MY fat arse fits on half a bench, she should be able to manage it.
10:20 PM - 29 Oct 12

Crucifix earrings complete with dead Jesus? Old lady, you scary.
11:00 AM - 30 Oct 12

It's just one hour's time difference. Why does it take me a week to adjust?
6:45 PM - 30 Oct 12

But... they know what dork actually *means* though, right? #intervaltweets
8:35 PM - 30 Oct 12
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