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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
When shall we three something something 
5th-Nov-2012 04:43 pm
This week's episode of Merlin is all set up by the tragic death of Sir Ranulph. No, you totally remember him, right, Arthur's known him since childhood so he's bound to have cropped up at some point in the last four-and-a-bit series. It's just eluding me right now for some mysterious reason.

It's all a bit quiet this week what with the Weird Sisters from off of Macbeth turning up and not doing much, but I guess the whole point of "The Disir" was getting round to explaining why bugger all has changed, magic-wise, in the years since Arthur became king. Merlin getting distracted by his fear of Mordred is a decent enough explanation of it, I suppose. But it does still mean we have Merlin going "some day magic will come back to Camelot," in a wistful way. Yes, if only there was, for example, SOMEONE VERY CLOSE TO THE KING WHO COULD HAVE BEEN MAKING AN EFFORT TO CHANGE HIS OPINION OF MAGIC OVER THE LAST THREE YEARS BUT HAS INSTEAD DONE NOTHING. I mean, who else's job is that supposed to be?

Also, Arthur dismissing magic as superstition - mfdedbwbxuiqw? Have I missed something rather crucial to the whole point of this show, or has he not lived all his life in a world where magic is an accepted fact?

SOSSERY! count Nil. Gaius continues not to give two shits about anything, still denying that anything might be wrong at the start, and greeting the doom-laden outcome with a "meh."

GAYWATCH! Also a bit lacking - since when was Arthur shy about getting changed in front of Merlin? Mordred was this week's designated nipple-flasher.
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