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Twitterball 35: French scatological humour

This week on my Twitter feed, there's a non-apocalyptic election result in America, whereas the search terms leading to my theatre blog stay as apocalyptic as ever, and I finally watch Skyfall.

Congratulations to the new President-elect of the USA, Emeli Sandé.
8:22 AM - 7 Nov 12

I walk past Romney Road most days. It was nice to be able to do so today without shuddering.
4:59 PM - 7 Nov 12

Southwark Playhouse also has the free Time Out. In its current home, anyway.
7:14 PM - 7 Nov 12

Aaaaand at some point overnight my blog passed 50,000 hits in just under a year #blimey
10:32 AM - 8 Nov 12

Cheek by Jowl's Ubu Roi is on sale now, French scatological humour fans!
1:41 PM - 8 Nov 12

Ugh, I appear to be agreeing with Peter Hall, how unfortunate #intervaltweets
8:53 PM - 8 Nov 12

Sleb Spot: Jemima Rooper at the Arcola.
7:54 PM - 9 Nov 12

Ugh. North Greenwich just as the O2 empties. Joy.
10:19 PM - 9 Nov 12

"affairs with older married women" #bloghitsoftheweek
1:50 PM - 10 Nov 12

"rupert evans circumcised" #bloghitsoftheweek My blog is about 5 pages into the Google search for this, this person REALLY WANTED TO KNOW!
1:51 PM - 10 Nov 12

"tyne daly in stilettos" #bloghitsoftheweek
1:51 PM - 10 Nov 12

"straight men in theater" #bloghitsoftheweek I've heard this does happen occasionally, yes.
1:52 PM - 10 Nov 12

"amy beamish hairy" #bloghitsoftheweek Amy's luxuriant moustache was the envy of many.
1:54 PM - 10 Nov 12

Finally seeing Skyfall today. Can't wait to find out where the apple crumble comes into it!
12:24 PM - 11 Nov 12

Oh, Emeli Sandé's on the cinema screen. I was worried there was a place she hadn't turned up yet.
1:23 PM - 11 Nov 12

From James Bond straight to Kander & Ebb. Smooth transition?
5:51 PM - 11 Nov 12

@3rdspearcarrier so long as Steel Pier has ejector seats I'll be fine.
5:56 PM - 11 Nov 12

Who knew 1930s dance marathons would be a recurring theatrical meme? #intervaltweets
7:17 PM - 11 Nov 12

@3rdspearcarrier there's a song called "Willing To Ride." Add "anything with a vagina" and that's quite Bond-relevant.
7:28 PM - 11 Nov 12

Not at home yet, but I'm assuming that District 3-bound bus was right on time? #xfactor
8:49 PM - 11 Nov 12

@RadShef I meant the v specific "you changed your act & people started voting for you! Quick, change it back!" bus. #xfactor
8:52 PM - 11 Nov 12

Ugh, achey all over. Bet I'm coming down with something :(
9:55 AM - 13 Nov 12

Pack at the Finborough will star Denise Black and MILLY FROM THIS LIFE. I hope there's a bathtub onstage so she doesn't dry out #90sjokes
2:50 PM - 13 Nov 12

"Sarah Lund takes off her jumper!" I'm not sure the Radio Times relaunching itself as softcore porn was such a great idea.
4:41 PM - 13 Nov 12

If she first heard of Evolution in December, how did she make a joke about it in October? #intervaltweets
8:43 PM - 13 Nov 12

Not that I begrudge charity, but Acting For Others "week" is well into its second month now.
9:57 PM - 13 Nov 12

@emslj bless you with your simple love of forearms and noses. I don't even pay attention until they're waving their cocks around.
10:26 PM - 13 Nov 12
Tags: james bond, spotted, twitter

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