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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitterball 36: WHO ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU? 
21st-Nov-2012 03:39 pm
This week on my Twitter feed I'm trying to shift a couple of theatre tickets for the next few days so, er, yeah, have a look at that. Also, other stuff.

Someone bothered to make a sequel to Nativity? And David Tennant's in it? And nobody's assassinated Wooton yet? #weird
9:20 AM - 14 Nov 12

Pippa Nixon and Alex Waldmann playing Rosalind & Orlando at the RSC next summer.
12:31 PM - 14 Nov 12

@Elsiebrewster I loved Aberg's King John so I'd booked for this already.
12:43 PM - 14 Nov 12

@Elsiebrewster John Stahl's returning too. Don't know if he'll be bringing his beard along this time though.
4:33 PM - 14 Nov 12

@Elsiebrewster The upside of him shaving was spotting him going into Stratford with his Aztec war paint still on.
4:47 PM - 14 Nov 12

I knew I'd seen the cute new boy in Fresh Meat before - he was in Juno And The Potatocock at the National.
5:01 PM - 14 Nov 12

Twilight tampon teabags? *vomits forever* http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/73500704.html
9:15 AM - 15 Nov 12

People who throw away used nappies in the street: WHO ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU? WTF?
9:45 AM - 15 Nov 12

This red shower gel smells great, but does make the gym shower look a bit "opening scene from Carrie."
10:58 AM - 15 Nov 12

I see Hannah Tointon's acting skillz continue to be as... special as ever #thehour
1:00 PM - 15 Nov 12

@mzendle "This blank facial expression will serve me well for all possible situations."
1:03 PM - 15 Nov 12

@D_Hollingsworth And on the same show as Romola Garai and Ben Whishaw - it's like Anne Widdecombe racing against Usain Bolt.
1:10 PM - 15 Nov 12

Sleb Spot: Tamsin Greig & Geoffrey Streatfeild (separately) at Constellations.
8:51 PM - 15 Nov 12

Suranne Jones in Beautiful Thing next year! #autumnalshades
11:26 AM - 16 Nov 12

"What one word do you associate with the Daily Mail?" Some survey questions are so easy to answer.
12:18 PM - 16 Nov 12

Another Privates on Parade trailer: http://youtu.be/RTpqWxn0-SQ via @youtube "Our Privates are shaved and ready for action."
1:23 PM - 16 Nov 12

Aha! I've discoverd the dark & dusty corner of the National where the free Time Outs are kept!
7:13 PM - 16 Nov 12

If it wasn't about the Bible, it was about a psychotic killer: I like how Boney M embraced diverse subject matters for their songs.
4:12 PM - 17 Nov 12

Christopher gets a job at Disneyland as the 8th dwarf, Cheesy. #xfactor
8:56 PM - 17 Nov 12

Total Eclipse of the Whore? #xfactor
8:58 PM - 17 Nov 12

"Cheryl talks openly about her tour." Oh Cheryl, daring to promote her tour on telly. So brave.
9:08 PM - 17 Nov 12

Next week's #xfactor appears to be slightly longer than last night's. I think we all know what that means #twosongseach #prayformysanity
11:26 AM - 18 Nov 12

Bah, all the blank DVDs are gone from the "picking Comet's corpse dry" sale.
1:13 PM - 18 Nov 12

@3rdspearcarrier @Weez The Apollo stalls seats have a great view. Too bad there's only about three of them.
5:10 PM - 18 Nov 12

"Tonight" The fun ends here! It's Olly Murs!" #xfactor
8:01 PM - 18 Nov 12

You... you mean slowing happy songs down into suicidal dirges ISN'T the musical equivalent of the second coming? #xfactor
8:42 PM - 18 Nov 12

"A girl who doesn't deserve to be in the bottom 2. She deserves to be in the bottom 3, like she allegedly has every other week." #xfactor
8:47 PM - 18 Nov 12

I feel like #misfits overestimated how bearable a character Finn would turn out to be.
12:59 PM - 19 Nov 12

Sleb Spot: Sam Mendes at the Almeida #applecrumble
8:51 PM - 19 Nov 12

Anyone want to come with me to Headlong's Medea at Richmond this Friday? Friend had to drop out last minute so ticket's paid for.
9:29 AM - 20 Nov 12

I also have a spare ticket, £17.50, for A Clockwork Orange at Soho a week from today, Tues 27th at 7:15. Massively homoerotic, apparently.
9:33 AM - 20 Nov 12

I have no idea why I thought "massively homoerotic" might be a selling point to my followers *Roger Moore eyebrow*
9:35 AM - 20 Nov 12

I'd never noticed the plaque saying my local health centre was launched by Jools Holland. I know he's local, but still. A bit random.
4:44 PM - 20 Nov 12

New series of Bleak Expectations starts today! #hoorumble
5:23 PM - 20 Nov 12

Clearly I'm a magnet to theatricals in the audience: Last night Sam Mendes sat in front of me, tonight half the cast of Shivered behind me.
11:04 PM - 20 Nov 12

But @Barcles had trouble recognising Andrew Hawley, 'cause he's had a haircut and was wearing a shirt.
11:05 PM - 20 Nov 12
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