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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitterball 38: I reckon I can pick up the plot 
5th-Dec-2012 08:37 pm
This week on my Twitter feed, I find myself slightly more interested in the Les Misérables movie than expected. It's mainly Aaron Tveit-related.

The Shard's doing its impression of Mordor again today.
11:13 AM - 28 Nov 12

Come on traffic, I've got important theatre to get to. Bordering on panic now.
6:19 PM - 28 Nov 12

Is this new Agatha Christie monument permanent, or just for the Mousetrap anniversary? http://twitpic.com/bhhl7m
1:39 PM - 29 Nov 12

If you missed it last night: For once I recommend a show you might actually still be able to get tickets to - Straight http://partially-obstructed-view.blogspot.com/2012/11/theatre-review-straight.html
3:46 PM - 29 Nov 12

Sleb Spot: Indira Varma at Trafalgar Studios.
8:47 PM - 29 Nov 12

The day fast approaches when all women in musical theatre will be called Strallen.
11:16 PM - 30 Nov 12

White rabbits! And so ends another game of "Douchebag or Movember?"
9:34 AM - 1 Dec 12

Perhaps some day I'll understand why Sainsbury's keep sending me vouchers for stuff they never have in stock.
3:02 PM - 1 Dec 12

Kate Fleetwood and Hannah Waddingham as background crones in the Les Mis movie: http://youtu.be/vHwyCp6ah6U
10:05 AM - 2 Dec 12

Also, Aaron Tveit is Enjolras? Suddenly I'm giving more of a shit about this #lesmismovie
10:10 AM - 2 Dec 12

@Elsiebrewster I'm googling pictures, and he doesn't even have a dead cat on his head, as appears to be compulsory for Enjolras.
10:12 AM - 2 Dec 12

It's just as well I didn't realise QUITE how much of it they shot down the road. There might have been stalking. http://twitpic.com/bie33p
10:17 AM - 2 Dec 12

I've seen better musicals,but not sure barking "IT'S NOT VERY TUNEFUL IS IT?" as soon as the lights go up is polite,old lady #intervaltweets
3:42 PM - 2 Dec 12

Ah, the undisguised HATRED of a tube passenger whose bag deserves that seat more than I do.
4:55 PM - 2 Dec 12

@Weez @pcchan1981 I had to go with a second "excuse me" because he "didn't hear" the first.
5:28 PM - 2 Dec 12

I haven't seen last night's #xfactor yet, but I reckon I can pick up the plot.
7:59 PM - 2 Dec 12

Tulisa disproving Barlow's "chart success is about being able to sing properly" lies, there #xfactor
8:24 PM - 2 Dec 12

"You're an #xfactor mentor 7 days a week" hahaha try "you popped in on a Tuesday lunchtime and pretended to know your acts' names."
8:26 PM - 2 Dec 12

I predict The Secret of Crickley Hall will be "this story could have been told in 90 minutes."
9:01 PM - 2 Dec 12

Not to be ageist but... V Redgrave and James Earl Jones as Beatrice and Benedick? I'm guessing the gulling scene won't involve a flying rig.
11:30 AM - 3 Dec 12

@OughtToBeClowns @pcchan1981 I look forward to the explanation for why an 82-year-old man's actively serving in the army.
11:50 AM - 3 Dec 12

Soon the only way into the Barbican will be by helicopter.
7:02 PM - 3 Dec 12

Anyway, happy Woman Has Fully-Functioning Womb day, everyone!
7:03 PM - 3 Dec 12

Launderette woman swearing blind that drier, still freezing after £1 and 15 minutes, "just needs time to warm up." Someone call Watchdog.
10:20 AM - 4 Dec 12

I love that EVERYONE's response to the Taylor Swift/Harry Styles thing has been "I look forward to the breakup song."
2:32 PM - 4 Dec 12

Clyde's Mum Spot: Jocelyn Jee Essien at the Royal Court (I think it might be the RC Xmas party.)
7:17 PM - 4 Dec 12

Woman in queue is doing Angelina Jolie Leg #whenrealityandinternetmemescollide
7:23 PM - 4 Dec 12

Maybe teenage girls can't automatically write plays. Maybe Polly Stenham & Anya Reiss just happen to be, you know. Good. #hero
10:20 PM - 4 Dec 12
7th-Dec-2012 10:57 pm (UTC) - just dropping by to say
Happy Birthday!
8th-Dec-2012 06:59 am (UTC) - Re: just dropping by to say
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