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LOL u iz well emrys innit

Hey, so, can you tell one episode of Merlin from another nowadays? Can anyone? I'm pretty sure they've not actually been repeating the same episode every week and slapping a different title on it, but I couldn't actually swear to it. This one had Sorcha Cusack in it, I don't think that's happened before.

I don't think they've quoted Tennessee Williams before either, so I guess that's new. "The Kindness of Strangers" sees Morgana trying to find out who Emrys is. She still doesn't know? Honestly, she should just hang around the woods outside Camelot for roughly five minutes, it's crawling with druids who creep up to Merlin and say "o hai emrys!" And he replies "ZOMG how did u no i iz emrys?" And they're all "LOLZ everyone noes innit."

Anyway, three weeks to go and several hundred gaping plot holes to be patched up but no, that makes sense, let's tread water again, some more. Oh my mistake, it ends with a prophecy of doom and Morgana being at war with Camelot. I mean it's all information we've had for several series now but whatever, bung a musical sting on the end of it and call it a cliffhanger.

SOSSERY! count nil.

GAYWATCH! Round table knights in laddish japery is about as close as this episode gets. Must try harder.
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